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  1. I've been able to get this to (mostly) work, though it took some trickery.Go into the control settings (About & Settings -> Controls) click on the "Next" icon in the upper right, when it shows you the keyboard controls. It should take you to a different panel that has the controls for your joystick. The (failing) expected behavior is that I should be able to select an item, then press the button I want to bind to it, and it should accept that button. The actual behavior is that when I select an item, it automatically jumps to "DPad 0 Up"The workaround is:On the each item, hold down the NEW button you want to bind, then click the item, then release the button. So if I wanted to bind "Dodge Left" with the "Left bumper" button on my Saitek gamepad, I would hold Left Bumper first, then click on "Dodge Left", then release the Left Bumper. Doing "Up" and "Down" are a little trickier: For DOWN, go to the item immediately above "Look Up" (I think it's "Move Right"), press and hold the DOWN button on your gamepad, then click on "Down", and release. For UP, do the same thing, but from below (or, if you have the buggy behavior, just select the item and press nothing, it will select it by default).I wish there was a way to do key combinations for this -- I have 11 buttons on my Saitek gamepad (it's a near-PS2 clone) and that's 1 too few to match all the bindings.ALSO -- The game does not correctly save my keybindings on exit. I've checked in ~/.klei/shank2/users/ -- and there is a "settings.sav" file, but it is a binary dump (which I found a little strange, given that the graphics are a textual ini file that I can edit).
  2. Playing on Linux (via Humble Bundle / Ubuntu Software Center installation). Campaign mode has worked fine so far.On survival mode, when a "bomber" appears, the entire screen goes black except for the bottom right corner, showing the animated face of the bomber. I suspect it's a layer-transparency issue. The game is continuing to play, except I can't see until the animation finishes. This basically makes survival mode unplayable for now.