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  1. It worked for me too. Thanks a lot! This is some fantastic customer support!
  2. It isn't working for me either. Now it says that Griftlands is "Not owned" on Epic and "Unknown Status" on Steam. There's a little symbol of Epic on my Klei accunt, so I imagine I am connected to it using Epic...
  3. That's great to hear. Thank you for your prompt response.
  4. Hi! My Klei user ID is KU_84TfurLf But in the meantime the situation changed. Now it says that I do not, in fact, own the game, even though I did load it on Epic and both my Klei and Epic accounts use the same e-mail! This is unfortunate. What can I do?
  5. Hello! So I recently found out that it's possible to transfer Griftlands from Epic to Steam, as explained here: The problem is, when I go to "My Games" on my Klei account, it says "Temporary error, please retry later". I did retry later but that message is still there, and it's been two days. Is there a larger issue that I'm missing here?
  6. Hello everyone!I know this is going to sound like a noob question but... how do I gift the copy of Don't Starve that I got from buying the beta? I got it both on Steam and Chrome, and if I try to gift it on chrome it asks me to buy another one...EDIT: I forgot to add: it doesn't seem to be in my Steam inventory, either. I'm a little confused...