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  1. Hey guys! In this episode I get completely screwed over by nature! http://youtu.be/nbxTnVbebiw
  2. Hey guys! In this episode I start grabbing resources and bringing them back to my island! http://youtu.be/fl9ITsPh9mk
  3. Hey guys, So I am just posting this to let you guys know that I was forced to restart season 3 since I lost the save file, so in this first episode I travel through some wormholes after getting situated and find myself a sanctuary! I appreciate all feedback, thanks! Dath~
  4. Hey guys, so after taking a long break from this series, I attempted to record to find that my save was gone. Therefore I have restarted season 3 since i wasn't too far into it, In this first episode I get set up and discover a secret sanctuary to call my own! http://youtu.be/sd4iZmFr8ts
  5. Fellow youtuber and streamer Dathrick agrees, he's a cool guy =P Dath~
  6. Hey guys! Episode three here. In this episode I kill a gobbler, jump through my first wormhole ever, and continue my blind playthrough! Dath~ http://youtu.be/nC8OVpvov94
  7. Hey guys! Episode two is here for season three and in this episode I focus on trying to select an area for a base. Once again I am playing this game "blind" aka I havn't looked up any of the patches for the last year and I'm just trying to stay alive, check it out! Dath~ http://youtu.be/qr4RmU2Cf_Y
  8. Hey guys! So I just want to announce the official first episode of season 3. New artwork, new adventures, and playing the new content blind! Enjoy and please let me know what you think! Thanks! Dath~ http://youtu.be/hrCc-Z5JEhs
  9. Hey guys, So I just wanted to let everyone know that I took a hiatus from youtube for about 9 months for some personal reasons and that as of last week I restarted my channel. I plan to have a Don't Starve Series on my channel, and I am looking for some game art. Incase anyone can help me out, I want to reference my previous episodes. Thanks guys! Dath~ Season 1 Season 2
  10. Hey guys! So with season 2 coming to an abrupt end and my needing to take a break from Don't Starve for nearly a month, I would like to announce the start of season 3 of my family friendly let's play of the fabulous game, Don't Starve. Please feel free to watch, like, comment, and provide me with feedback so that I can make my videos better in the future! Thanks for watching and have a great day!Dath~ I would really appreciate feedback and reactions posted on this thread!
  11. Hey everyone!I just wanted to let you know that I plan to start recording episodes for season 3 shortly!I've taken a break from Don't Starve because I was starting to become repetitive in my videos and I wanted to come back to it fresh. And I think I am nearly ready! So I hope you guys will enjoy season 3!Thanks!Dath~
  12. If anyone lists me on here, I would literally have my life be complete =)
  13. [MENTION=16798]Nik[/MENTION] Really? I didn't have to wait 30 days, that's odd... well grats on monetizing! and what will be interesting to see is if this episode gets more, less, or the same views as the others, maybe that's the language experiment I suggested! Unintentional experiments are usually the best =P Good luck with your ending, maybe add my channel to your sidebar of suggested channels =P haha Views are views, they come and they go, but just make sure you keep having fun making videos, cause that's the most important thing in my eyes. If you need any advice shoot me a PM or something, have fun!Dath~
  14. [MENTION=16798]Nik[/MENTION] I like the intro, I see that you monitized, so I'm assuming you also have a custom thumbnail? The recap at the start I enjoyed. I did a lot of skimming through and I didn't notice any language, did you change that also? The mic distance from your face is much better in my opinion, so nice job with that! I still felt that the ending was a bit abrupt, however it seemed to fade out at the end, Idk if that means that I am going crazy, or if you did that, but the fading did help a bit to show me it was going to end. Overall good job again and do me a favor, when you get all big and famous, don't forget the little guy Dathrick =PDath~
  15. Hey guys sorry about the delay, I moved back into my college after spring break the other day. [MENTION=7126]Raccoon[/MENTION] Superhero the first image posted in the first post I like, personal opinion, do you think that would fit a sandbox or adventure game play better? Also would I have permission to add the text "Dathrick Doesn't Starve" and either "Season 3" or "Adventure Mode" to the image? [MENTION=2754]Raven Crow[/MENTION] hahaha, I feel like an evil person for laughing but the look on his face says how I feel every time a bunny "volunteers" for my survival! I love the concept, but I'll ask you your same opinion that I asked Raccoon =)Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate it!Dath~
  16. Thank you [MENTION=7126]Raccoon[/MENTION] Superheroand [MENTION=5416]ScienceMachine[/MENTION] I've made my thumbnails 1920x1080pixels in the past, how do you think they look on the starting 3 seconds of one of my videos if you don't mind my asking
  17. Ahh my bad, hmmm, well I'm all about freedom of creativity, but it would make sense that an image for adventure mode would reflect Wilson preparing to start an adventure, and sandbox mode is totally open to people's thoughts, it's a sandbox after all
  18. I use the art as the thumbnail and for 2-3 seconds at the start of my video. The images I use fit the 1080 specs for YouTube. That's only requirement :)Thanks!Dath
  19. I appreciate the response [MENTION=215]Toaster Fu[/MENTION] and oh, I guess I could do that, I thought it maybe more respectful and less begging to request it on my own thread, but thank you for the heads up!
  20. [MENTION=16798]Nik[/MENTION]ahhhhhh I see what you did so yeah that's totally valid, 1 suggestion is when editing, put a black screen for like 4-7 seconds just saying "To Be Continued..", very minimal work but it gets the job done.Dath~
  21. What are the rules for using forum artwork anyway, does anyone know?
  22. [MENTION=16798]Nik[/MENTION]glad to help man, I had a lot of trouble with having my mic too close on my first few videos, it's unnatural to think how far away it can actually be while still having good quality. In my opinion an ending is more appropriate to have than an intro if you are unsure which to have. Although I suggest both, if a video just ends, it doesn't leave the viewer somewhere. So like take 60 seconds at the end and stop doing stuff in game, and maybe recap what you did and what you plan to do, that way the viewer knows that the video is about to endonce again the language is just my personal preference! I totally agree that being natural is really important for a lets play, and if that works for you, go for it =) but if you have trouble with getting a large enough audience, try not swearing for an episode or two and see if that gets more views than your typical video, simple little experiment =)best of luck to you!Dath~
  23. my name's nick, and I'm mostly doing this because you remind me of myself. Though I first wonder with no replies, how is your thread 5 starred? =PI like your accent, however your voice is too loud, pull the mic farther away from your face, or turn up the game and while you're editing the video you need to turn down the sound of the whole video. Second thought, I can hear your breathing and sniffling, so pull mic away from your face.Although it isn't required, I don't think you should curse. Although you are definitely free to, parents and younger viewers arn't generally allowed to watch things with cursing, which will limit your available viewer base.Personally preference, scroll in so that your are more zoomed into the game, so that people can see the smaller features, though once again that is personal preference.The "real life facts" I heard one or two times kept the let's play interesting, so definitely do that more often!You need a ending, "Thanks for watching, please sub, the video is now ending" just something so that the video doesn't end abruptly.Overall I thought it wasn't bad, the worst aspect was how close the mic was to your face, causing you to be loud and the fact that as I was watching the video next to my two younger brothers, I needed to put headphones on due to your language.Hope that helps, any questions feel free to ask me, or check out my channel! youtube.com/Dathrick93Best of luck to youDath~
  24. Hey guys, is anyone interested? All that is needed is that you post your image into the thread and state that I have permission to use it