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  1. a. Explore every inch of your island. b.*Backpacking; bring a supply of pumpkins**, wood, cut grass (for campfires), and your tools and go traveling across the island for 8 days or more. c.*Night-exploring; fill a backpack with torches and run around during the night. d. Go to a forest (preferably away from your base) and burn it to the ground with a torch. e. Adopt 10 smallbirds and take care of them all for at least 10 days. f. Create every food recipe the crockpot has to offer. *make sure to have a meat effigy at home base in case you die **or your food of choice, I use pumpkin because they stack on each other and fill your character up a lot
  2. They get smaller and smaller, and eventually they disappear but it's much easier to just dig the tree stump up with your shovel.
  3. For idea 2, maybe you could use rotting food as compost for your farm plots.