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  1. Maybe closing the process in task manager instead of ALT+F4...
  2. You really should increase your mic volume when recording.
  3. It just happend to me, but after 1 minute of thinking i decided to test a theory: alt+f4 so the game dont get saved and... it worked.
  4. Day 38, new personal record, i think im getting used to it
  5. I dont know what to do, there is more food than i can eat or handle lol.
  6. That is why i call them CASUAL players, those guys who dont play for more than 5 hours in a week (and not only 1 game).
  7. I think it would be nice for casual players more than normal players like a lot of us.
  8. If she wont play it anyway, i can give you a dont starve chrome key for your gift to not be a total waste lol.