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  1. actually i change my comment about #3. It turns out that things like dogs and cats and stuff can continue to eat the same thing forever. but the same can't be said for humans. we can't eat the same thing again and again repeatedly. In fact the only thing we can eat forever is Human Breast Milk.
  2. Q: If the dung beetles came out of manure could the player just get a pig companion and feed them a bunch of flower petals/seeds and make a dung beetle farm? If so would the dung beetles still protect beefalo or would they protect the pigs or the player (since the pigs poop but the player is technically the reason they poop)?
  3. One sounds like a good idea so long as only a little is removed so you aren't instantly starving from a few minutes of mining,digging or chopping. Two I really like because what if you could use it as a sort of add-on to the winter hat. You could shovel up snow piles, which could be added in also, and use the snow/ice in a stone cooler which would prevent the food from decaying ever. Three doesn't sound too good.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform SteamVersion Number - Issue title Gobbler-Berry Exploit Steps to reproduce 1. Find Gobbler with Berry Bush 2. Let Gobbler eat Berry Bush while attacking Describe your issue There is a slight issue with the gobbler eating the berries off of bushes. I was chasing a gobbler and it stopped to eat some berries when i stopped to chop a tree. While it was eating the berries I chose to attack it. The gobbler and gotten away and the berry bush looked like the berries had been removed. But I could still remove the berries from the bush. This exploit basically renders the whole point of the gobbler eating berries off of berry bushes pointless.