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  1. Thank You for Your Awsome Linux Support

    Yes, I'd like to say thanks too. It's been working great here since update 7. Me and my brother have been having a blast playing survival mode . Everything works really well. Thank you, Klei, for supporting Linux. I hope that you will consider Linux support for your future games too.
  2. Shank 2 on Linux - Survival Mode graphics bug

    Yes, it is working fine now with update 7.Thank you very much.
  3. Shank 2 on Linux - Survival Mode graphics bug

    Hello again. I haven't had much time to play Shank lately because of work, but I got to mess around with it during the weekend. I updated the game to update 5 and sadly the bug is still present. I actually managed to play all the way to a boss wave once (it wasn't easy ) and can thus confirm that the bug happens with the boss animation too. Eventually, after hours of frustration, I also made it into a zombie wave and can confirm that the old movie filter (or whatever you want to call it) that is applied on the screen does NOT suffer from the same bug. I gave up after that. That's the bad news. Now the "good" news: I did manage to find a (hopefully temporary) workaround for the bug. Go to <shank2 directory>/data/movies and remove (or rename) the following files: boss_grappler_intro.ogv boss_zombie_grappler_intro.ogv small_goon_bomber_intro.ogv small_goon_zombie_bomber_intro.ogv That way, the animations won't play and you'll be able to play Survival without the annoyance (I managed to play all the way to a boss wave on the farm level again, and it worked fine...didn't have time to try more). The downside is that you'll be missing the animations...which is less than ideal. I'll attach an aggregate.log file (which, if I am not mistaken, contain the full game logs) of a game in which the bug happens (basically, I played until wave 3 in the farm level and then killed myself). Hopefully, that will be useful. Hope this bug will be fixed Soon! aggregate.log
  4. Shank 2 on Linux - Survival Mode graphics bug

    I can confirm this too. Only difference is that I got mine directly from the Humble Indie Bundle page (torrent).I've tried Shank 2 on two different machines:Machine 1: Intel i5 3550, 8 GB ram, Geforce 9800 GT.OS: Linux Mint Debian 64 bitsMachine 2: AMD Athlon X2 6000+, 2 GB ram, Ati Radeon HD 6870.OS: Linux Mint Debian 64 bitsIn my attempts to get Shank 2 to work on Machine 1, I've already gone through 3 different NVIDIA drivers: two from the repos (can't remember the version, sorry) and one installed manually (310.19). This did not resolve the issue.I also thought that the Window Manager could be interfering, so I tired it both under XFCE and KDE (compositing off and on). This did not resolve the issue either.Other games from the bundle work fine so far (Grimrock, Snapshot and Closure, at least). Other windows games under wine also work fine (as fine as one would expect from wine anyway). I did not try the windows version of Shank on wine...yet.Machine 2 has, basically, a clean install. Fully updated as of last week or so, running the fglrx drivers straight from the repos. Again, other games work fine, but Shank 2 suffers from the same graphical bug in survival.Oh, and for what it's worth, Shank 2 runs fine on Windows on both machines (no graphical bugs).If there's any more info I could provide to help resolve this issue, please let me know.