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  1. Isn't a spider hat useless in this situation because of:
  2. I started a new game not long ago with the test map and i like it a lot, the map is HUGE. The only bad side imo is the spiders which i have over 100 on my map. Not having a pig king i actually like because this way gold is actually a valuable resource. With the pig king its too easy to get
  3. It is too early to discuss something like this as the patch isn't even out yet.
  4. I really hope they will add the new character so i can end my current save to unlock her and try out the test map.
  5. Some visual notification would be very nice because i always listen to music and i never know when they are coming unless i get lucky and the song is changing while the sounds are playing xD
  6. They could make it so it only shows while we press a hotkey like ctrl or something.
  7. They have a lot of HP so you need to set him on fire quite a few times.
  8. Actually you need to right click to plant stuff now it has been changed.
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 70828 Issue title Items didn't disappear Steps to reproduce Hit a chest near the edge of the map with a hammer Describe your issue I had a chest with plant specific seeds in it and hit it with a hammer so i had my seeds tossed around and the ones in the ocean didn't disappear. It might be only with the new type of seeds but i cannot confirm or deny that because i only had dragon fruit and eggplant seeds in the ocean which stayed there. Also the birds seem to be eating them one by one but that is intended as far as i know.
  10. First of all hello everyone, i have been here for a while but haven't actually posted anything yet. So my idea is to be able to make rabbit holes. We would need a shovel to dig a hole and 2 rabbits caught with a regular trap, so when we dig up the hole we can just put them in it and then it would act like a normal rabbit hole spawning them. Reason of putting 2 rabbits is for mating as it makes sense. There could also be a delay before it starts spawning so its more realistic in my opinion. Having this done would make a use for bunnies that are caught with a regular trap and digging up a hole by mistake can be undone, it would also make us able to put them around our base as some people might like having them around. So what do you guys think ? Oh and if it was suggested before I'm sorry i didn't find anything related.