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  1. isnt WX-78 "unbalanced but fun" ? (with the remake ofc)
  2. Cant wait to find a cave to explore
  3. [MENTION=5739]Cefeida[/MENTION] Don't quote me or do it correctly ...
  4. So what is the problem with making the game hard if you can customize it and make it for your liking ? Survival should be hard.
  5. Spiders population

    Isn't a spider hat useless in this situation because of:
  6. Test or Regular Generation?

    I started a new game not long ago with the test map and i like it a lot, the map is HUGE. The only bad side imo is the spiders which i have over 100 on my map. Not having a pig king i actually like because this way gold is actually a valuable resource. With the pig king its too easy to get
  7. It is too early to discuss something like this as the patch isn't even out yet.
  8. I really hope they will add the new character so i can end my current save to unlock her and try out the test map.
  9. [Gameplay] Spider horde. oh god oh god.

    A spider hat would help you if you can make one.
  10. I think they made pigs spawn every 3 days.
  11. Some visual notification would be very nice because i always listen to music and i never know when they are coming unless i get lucky and the song is changing while the sounds are playing xD
  12. They could make it so it only shows while we press a hotkey like ctrl or something.
  13. bugged treeguard?

    They have a lot of HP so you need to set him on fire quite a few times.
  14. Actually you need to right click to plant stuff now it has been changed.