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  1. Sorry, basically on some enemies such as the normal spider or tall bird if you keep mashing the attack button, the enemies will not be able to move or attack, it will just get hit until it dies with no way to do anything about it. You cant do it to most of the creatures in the game and trying will get you smited, but its pretty game breaking toward normal spiders and tall birds.
  2. Kevin himself has stated don't starve is not an action game, combat is supposed to be a him or me situation, there is nothing dangerous or even interesting about being able to punch creatures to death with your fists by mashing the left mouse button, anything that can be killed this way is hardly even a creature, just a resource node that walks around.I really wish people would stop saying *its a beta* when people point out issues, its because its beta we so adamantly point these things out, were beta testers, we are supposed to this. Even when the game launches we should still do this to help Klei address ongoing issues.
  3. Why would I?Anyway, going to hold off on making a new world until after the update, but I found some issues while goofing around.With these settings I have had three worlds that did not have wormholes.Spider glands are a big no, at least as long as you can still stun lock spiders its just free healing, tall birds are free meat because they can be stun locked, nothing should be able to be stun locked or they aren't threatening at all, just free resources.In the menu before you start the game, if you mess with the sliders, exit that menu then go back in, it resets every slider to default. This isn't at all obvious, so if a player decides last minute to go back in and change another slider, all the rest will have been reset to default without the player knowing.
  4. Bumping my old thread up, going to start a new survival game as Wes with the following settings. Less food, less resources, more rain, more lightning, short seasons.Will post any balance issues, bugs, experiences or complaints as before.
  5. Change the games name to Don't cry, the compromising survival game for casuals.I'm officially out, I thought my money was going to support a uncompromising survival game as advertised. Ill think better of it next time.
  6. Sandbox, normal seasons, less food, played as Wes.Made it to winter, died from my own carelessness when taking down a level 3 spider nest.Not to beat the dead horse but sanity needs work, I now know this for sure, winter, fighting worm holes, it was never an issue. You eat to live and crock pot foods feed you the best so sanity stays up naturally, never used anything dapper. It fell to 60 once, slept once and it was all fixed.Cooked carrots are a bit OP, they do more then a few crock pot foods, 4 carrots make ratatouille, but a single cooked carrot is more effective.Fertilizer with turbo farms is a bit broken, insta making veggies with 2 or three fertilizer and a seed.I still think the boomerang with Wes is under powered, two hits to kill a bird really drains its durability.Maybe its just my luck, but hound teeth never dropped for me once.
  7. So in one of the Klei devs own words, I would like to see one of you say exactly what kind of game Don't starve is supposed to be, we know what the website says. But I want you to say it, it would clear up at least half of the arguments people have on the forum.
  8. The game is starting to become what it was always advertised to be, uncompromising survival. Yet it is very learn able and with the customization sandbox new players should adapt with no problem. New players will learn better then we do, they don't habits and play styles to break or altered preconceptions.I guess I survived a lot of it because don't starve was never what I wanted or expected, I wanted a survival game but it never existed, I kept in mind it was a beta and it would improve. Its why I came t the forum to try and help it along. My very first time playing I HATED the research system, I thought the points system was stupid and the carry over after death was ridiculous, this was before I ever stepped foot in here and read anything. I think most players who are like me are busy playing and enjoying the game rather then coming here.Then you have another group, people who never bought the game, people who never went and read about it being an uncompromising survival game because someone gifted the extra copy to them. They are hard to break because they played the game when it was still early, it was easy then and they liked it. They never knew it wasn't meant to be that way and they resist the change the hardest.I guess what i'm getting at, some games are meant to be easy, some are meant to be hard, some are meant to have a varying difficulty. I cant imagine a survival game meant to be anything but hard, yet the sandbox options will even let you bypass that a bit so really I think its high time people start acting like human beings, you know? the most adaptable species on this planet?because really the game is not that hard yet, it still has a ways to go. I can find challenge in playing worlds with food set to less while playing as Wes. But if I didn't do that the game would be a cake walk on every level. My first time playing adventure mode since the patch I had 43 carrots by day 3. I couldn't even imagine playing wolfgang.
  9. It doesn't matter how the game was when I started, because it was an early beta and we are testers. Content isn't being released because whoopidity doo bop skippy. Its being released because the game is not finished. But the FACT is, not opinion, FACT. The game has always meant to be an uncompromising survival game, it wasn't when we started, but only because the game was and is still being developed.The game doesn't need to cater to everyone no more then a horror game should cater to people who don't like scary games.
  10. It was never meant to be a casual survival sandbox game, holy crap, how can you be so misguided?Its been advertised from the get go as a UNCOMPROMISING SURVIVAL game. The fact that you used casual, survival, and sand box all in one my sentence almost knocked me out of my chair, that's insane, that sentence is an oxymoron .Please look up both words, uncompromising and survival. Its right on the front of the website, its in the description! it screams uncompromising survival at every turn!
  11. Played adventure mode for a bit, by day three I had 43 carrots 0-0Anyway I went back to sandbox mode as Wes with food set to less and seasons set to short both.Made it to winter but didn't survive it, my fault mostly. A few new observations.Despite the spider dens creating more warrior spiders then intended they haven't been an issue for me. Fire, rabbit traps and or pigs all do them in and any stragglers get the shank. I have also been using bees and skeeters to my advantage for the first time.The boomerang takes two hits to kill birds, not a problem in itself as the damage as fine, but it really puts a drain on its durability.Sanity has a bit more impact in the winter, but was still non threatening.A few times my rabbit and bird traps didn't contain a rabbit or bird, despite playing the captured animation.
  12. I tabbed out of my game to come to this thread, sorry for the double post but seriously?I never knew that rabbit traps worked on spiders, and i'm not even sure that are supposed to. But I took down a nest with Wes while wearing no armor by using 2 rabbit traps and a spear. The traps one shot them and they drop an item, then you pick up the trap and get ANOTHER item. I have 5 silk from 1 nest. If you didn't know this fine, ill give you a free pass. But now you do know this and have no excuse for complaining about level 1 spider nests ever again. This post is to no one specific, just to anyone who was having issues with spiders.