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  1. dont do that stuff. if u feel there is nothing to do just take a break and wait for the next update. if u make too much u will lose interest in the game when its been released
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title items not reachable Steps to reproduce kill something near a area u cant step on Describe your issue if i kill something next to a place i cant step to, the items will drop there and will be lost forever
  3. thats not the problem, i can catch massive birds and eat the meat from them to avoid that. everything is just too easy, that makes it a little bit boring
  4. there are only a few ways to deal with 15 hounds at the same time: -many bee-traps -many pigs who help you -man spiders who help you -a lot of meat on the ground to keep them bussy eating while u hit them -hit + kite i cant see any other way
  5. hi guys. i played about 200 days with my char and i see there are coming more and more hounds and some of them are already red. i dont think its more difficulty to defeat them because u cant "fight" them in a normal way, because u wont survive since they make more damage. the only way is to build bee-traps to support you in the fight, run to some pigs / spiders, drop food (so they get distraced and you can hit them) or you just "hit and run" so they cant hit you but you can hit them. basicly u do not fight them in the real way, i dont see that it is getting any harder. lets say there come 12 hounds in one wave and 50 in another one. i canĀ“t deal with the 12 hounds if i just stand and attack so i have to find a way to help myself. the same thing is with the 50 hounds. the only thing i have to adept between these two waves are that i have to build more bee-traps or place mor spidernests / pighouses in one area. the other thing is, that there are some monster (big spider and angry tree) whitch i never fought by standing still because they did not get interrupted in their attacks (like pigs, spiders... f.e.); so i always run close to them till they strike, run away so they dont hit me, then back and make 3-4 hits. i think thats not real "fighting" its more like exploiting the ia from the monster.