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  1. Werepig King? Eff. I plan to run from it till he turns back. Would never ruin my stream of unlimited gold.
  2. Great attitude. You will go far networking in the e-community.
  3. Day 125. I get the feeling I am not prepared enough for the waves of hounds/treeguards now plaguing me.
  4. Hey guys! I just posted a thread in the Video Section, but read in another thread there to feel free to post it here as well! I have started a Don't Starve Guide series on Youtube, and I also stream the game on Twitch Let me know what you think of the guides! I would love feedback! Would just like to drop a link to the thread:!-%28and-a-link-to-my-DS-livestream-w-giveaways%29 Cheers! Shannon <3