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  1. Maxwell why do you hate WX-78 or whatever you call it? It hates all living things...
  2. Wait... you're cousins with the Queen? Does that mean that I'm your second cousin? O.O
  3. New question, now for the grue:What do you do in your spare time, besides talking to Maxwell?
  4. (QUESTION FOR MAXWELL) Maxwell, can you please destroy these 13 pig houses Wilson put around my spider den? I can't do my stupid job to kill him if these pigs kill me instead :c. If you are asking how a spider got a computer, I kind-of stole his old one at night while he was sleeping in a straw roll.
  5. It's all in the title :)I think the next update might include the adventure mode they were talking about because of how they have a test world generation for it.Anyone else have their thoughts?