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  1. if they were to make any character able to make effigies, i dont think it should be something renewable, i feel like a mandrake in the recipe would be a better idea (because they are difficult to find, and they are limited), and the recipe could be something like a mandrake root, a tallbird egg, an amulet, and some cooked pig meat or something like that. Also another reason the mandrake root would be a good idea in that: have you ever seen Pan's Laberynth? (yes i know its in spanish, i didnt understand it either) The mandrake root in that movie was used in a restoration-like witch craft/whatever it is called
  2. I got an idea for a new enemy and building, a Wraith and a crypt, basically the crypt would spawn in graveyards with a numerous amount of tombstones around (like how the pig king spawns near a lot of houses), and each day (at sunset), the wraiths would quickly exit the tomb and attack every animal/life-form near them (the hostile monsters near them would try to flee when they see them, but probably wont escape), except for the mandrake, ghost, and the tree guardian (They are all pals). They would roam around at night, and be scared off by fire, but they would come closer to the fire than the shadow monster does. Pumpkin Lanterns would attract them (sort of like a diversion). Neither the player nor hostile enemies would be able to hurt these specters, and the only way to get rid of them for good would be to break their crypt with a hammer (it would take all of the hammer's durability to break it), upon breaking the crypt would drop 8 stone blocks, and a random item that you can dig up from a grave. Here is a doodle. (It would look way cooler than this though) (In case you couldn't tell Im a boss at photoshop ) (ANOTHER FUN FACT: I'm not good at doodling on the computer)
  3. ^^^ I already gave an example of someone who does eat pinecones
  4. you are forgetting 2 sticks (for the arms), but sweet idea
  5. lol i didnt have a torch, and i couldnt get one (because of the darkness) (i couldnt gather materials)
  6. you should be able to add fuel to a stone campfire at night, because i keep dying from the darkness when i am like 2 inches away from the fire site (i died this way the past 3 times)
  7. my bad dude (is there a way i can delete this post?)
  8. a fence would be a pretty useful build in my opinion, with it you would be able to herd beefalos, and help protect your base from monsters (singulate their path). (but if fences are put in the game, you would need to make enemies understand how to get around the fences, and if there is no way to get to the other side of the fence, they should attack/break the fence) It would be made out of 3 logs
  9. ive eaten in the dark before (you cant run, and you have to eat right after it hits you)
  10. i had no clue what that forum was for, ive never heard that saying (ive heard report bugs, but never that) lol
  11. every now and then when i kill an enemy their drop goes sailing across the map, like if i kill a bee, the stinger goes flying in a random direction, and it takes a while for it to stop (and when it stops, its like 3 screen lengths from where it should have dropped)
  12. A few of my friends have this game,and i was wondering if the creators of Don't Starve could add a multiplayer option (so i can join/battle my friends), and if you do add multiplayer, don't make it just survival, you should make a death-match mode, where there are two teams (like 1v1 or 2v2) and the point of the game is to kill/live longer than your opponents (but you wouldn't be able to fight eachother for the first 2 days; to avoid rushing). Also if you do add in this option, you should also add in a character creation menu (that works for online) and in it you can select hair/skin tone/eyes/clothes/etc options (so you don't look like the other guys you are playing with), but doing this doesn't have anything to do with the character's perks (like grow beard/firestarter/etc), you would choose that option at the start of the game. +you should add in rewards for doing good (or really bad), like different hairstyles/shirts/pants/etc. (I didn't see the post above this lol PLEASE IGNOR THIS POST)