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  1. get me some maple syrup and ill fight it!
  2. I'm fine with the image, people shouldn't take offence to it, it isn't like it is hurting anyone. It's just a matter of the player's beliefs, (as long as there is a warning for that king of stuff on the label I'm pretty sure its fine) it is basically the same thing as how Sims can have homosexual people in it, it is insulting to some people, but that doesn't mean it should be removed (its not illegal or anything (it is illegal however for people to do harm to others because of it, like if your neighbor is a wicken, you can't fight/kill them because of it)) (i don't think it needed to be changed )
  3. A bow and arrow should already be in the game, those are basically the only 2 things that i can actually make if i were stuck in the wild, they are fairly easy to make, and work well (however they break fairly easily, and you cant shoot that far with them). Have any of you tried to make a shovel/pickaxe/axe/etc out of sticks and rocks? it's not that easy, and if you do make them, they break within seconds, before you can get a chance to use them
  4. I don't kite tenticles, i just put on my armor and helmet and start wailing on them lol
  5. the last time i used steam chat it got me killed because it unpaused my game, and wolves + tree guardians destroyed me
  6. This would be really awesome in game (but i feel like the name doesn't really suit it, the kracken is a massive sea-monster that is big enough to destroy ships, I feel like you should research a better name for it )
  7. I came up with some pretty knifty character ideas in case the creators were trying to add in more but couldn't think of any (they are in order of description, then name, then ability) Witch Doctor-Wandabu-darts fired do much more damage than when fired by other characters Shaman-Walks With Wolves-dogs are friendly toward this character and instead of attacking, they follow him Pack Rat (huge rat)-Whiskers-the more grave junk he has in his inventory, the higher his health becomes Archer-Whitney-(a bow and arrows would have to be implemented into the game first (bow-3sticks/10webs, arrow-1tooth/1stick/1feather)) she could shoot further than the other characters, and her arrows wouldn't break after hitting the enemy Druid-Ward-if a carrot is nearby you during a full moon it will slowly turn into a mandrake, ware-pigs that hit you turn back into normal pigs, and there is a lower chance for a tree guardian to appear Fancy Man-Winston-the better his outfit the stronger he is (how quaint) Nun-Wisdom-all ghosts near her immediately vanish Train Robber (from cowboy times)-Walker-the less items in his inventory the faster he is (still not that fast though) Warlock-Walid-when attacking he shoots a bolt of lightning that stuns the enemy for 2.5 seconds (there is a 3 minute cooldown between shots, and the lightning bolt has priority over his normal attacks (so it is fired automatically)) Necromancer-Wakefield-on full moons he can sacrifice a mandrake and some gold to summon a ghoul to lend him a hand in battle/etc (the ghoul would be like a pigman but have more health (note: it doesn't have to be a ghoul, i was going to say an undead pigman (because there aren't really any humans around) but an undead pigman is pretty simalar to Minecraft))
  8. in my opinion a boomarang would be a really cool item, and to get it, you would need to dig it up from a grave. It would break pretty easily and it would not do that much damage (probably the same amount as a shovel). If you get some flint and a couple of webs, you can add some sharpness to the boomarang (when upgraded, it would do the same amount of damage as the spear, but the durability would run out much faster than before)
  9. that was punnyalso music boxes should hurt you, because whenever i use them, i get the urge to touch the little doo-dads on the cylinder, and every time i touch them, they stab my finger by crushing it into the metal brush thingy
  10. Note: This would fit in with the crypt and wraith idea i had (the records would come out of the broken crypt)
  11. I think you mean a fairy, not a witch (fairly odd parents)
  12. I don't get why you guys are saying it won't fit in, it would fit in better than Krampus did (actually it would fit in better than the pigmen), and I don't think you guys are picturing it correctly (you must be picturing it as too fat, or with too much of a blond billy ray cyrus haircut, or something...), i would doodle it, but im not good with paint on the computer, and for getting the idea from another game, I'll admit I got the idea of making it annoying from zelda (only the annoying thing though (nothing else i described sounds like any other games/movies/etc (except those that are about cabbage fairies (but i cant really think of any...))))), the rest is basically common folklore knowledge on fairies (one of the first fiction films was actually based on a cabbage fairy, and legends of cabbage fairies date back pretttttttttttty far back. Also stuffed cabbage is a common food that's recipe originated in Poland, and i think that the flowers it plants would be extremely useful, you could eat them and they would make your bees happy On another note, ^^^ awesome rap video lol
  13. i don't like 1 (because starting off would be much harder than it already is (i doubt i'd be able to make it to day 2)) or 3 (because if you were in the middle of nowhere, with monsters all around you, and no clue of how you got there/what was going on, i doubt you would care about eating the same food again and again) However #2 is a pretty good idea, but food lasts a pretty long time, so i doubt it would really affect people (also honey does't expire, it has so much sugar that it kills most types of bacteria and mold can't grow in it)
  14. I like the idea of Wilson growing a beard when he dies, that would be awesome , also that just made me think of an awesome perk they can give one of the unimplemented characters, when they die, their loot stays where it was when they died (so the next game you can get your stuff (it would have to be one of the last unlockable character's perk though))
  15. lol hit and run? i don't do that, i just start attacking the enemy non-stop (usually i have an inventory filled with honey and spare armor/spears, but this time i didn't (thats where i messed up)) LIKE A BOSS also for the comment above me, i dont like that idea, the furthest day ive gotten to is 17 (multiple tree guardians keep spawning next to me right after i steal an egg/attack a spider den and killing me (i should probably stop trying to fight more than one of them at once, but it's much better to die from something awesome like that than it is to starve lol))
  16. Instead of how it is now, Abigail should show when Wendy is on the brink of death, then it would be more helpful because she could help you out when you really need her, but it wouldn't be OP because you can kill yourself with it (there would have to be a day between the times that she arrives though)
  17. lol i just died trying to kill 3 tentacles at once (i killed 2, and almost got the third, but my spear/armor broke at the worst time lol)
  18. I'm pretty sure it says on wiki that there will be way more characters. lol honestly if there are going to be as much characters that wiki said there would be, idgaf about Wendy, there are way more fish in the sea (and if doing school papers has taught me anything, wiki never lies:p)
  19. lol you are right, it is unnecessary, but it would be 100% awesome, and would make the player very confused. Also it would add some new food to the game, and even if there is nothing special about it (besides an awesome annoying little fat cabbage fairy guy), it would add on to the players gaming experience (it's the little things that make most games good)
  20. I got another awesome idea of something that could be added into the game, cabbage, it can grow in the farm (you could use it for food, and in the crock pot you could mix it with meat and carrots/etc to make stuffed cabbage), and if you don't pick the cabbage within 5 days, a really really really annoying fairy would come out, and the fairy would constantly be making annoying noises and making annoying bell chime sounds. The fairy would follow you, not be able to attack, and would die extremely easily. Two flowers would spawn near the fairy each day, and bunnies/gobblers would be mildly drawn towards the fairy (and if they get near they will eat the fairy). Killing the fairy would drop flowers/butterfly wings Note: the fairy would be small, have butterfly wings, be a fat guy (he would look around 35 years old) with Billy Ray Sirus styled blond hair, and wearing a Tinkerbell-like belly shirt and skirt Another note: stuffed Cabbage is a common cuisine around the world and I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a cabbage fairy is (In case you didn't know cabbage patch dolls are supposed to be cabbage fairies)
  21. ^^ they would be very fast lol. + Grave digging items are always pretty useful, you give them to the pig king to get gold, and you need gold for a lot of things. On another note, I never like going near tombstones, because i always get the feeling a zombie/skeleton/ghoul/etc will appear out of nowhere and destroy me (i'm not 100% positive that they aren't in the game and i don't want to be the first to find out that they are lol)