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  1. yah i was looking for a suggestions forum, thats my goof i suppose. I know its in beta but couldnt find the forum to offer the suggestions. I have never used a forum before, but i love this game so much. and yah it is a bit contradictory what i said, but as of right now i got a farm and theres no effort, a problem i am sure they will fix but hope they know for sure.
  2. Id like to see everyones ideas. I have been playing this nonstop for the past 3 days but now Im seeing some problems. my advice- make the game get constantly harder, perhaps even enable an in-game leveling system to make your character stronger like an rpg. More like how the binding of isaac does it by floors. allowing for an eventual completion of the game, or if not completion, a minecraft type homebase thing. otherwise the game just gets boring, too easy, and repetitive past day 50.