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  1. I think the reasoning for Wilson being the only one able to make a effigy is that he's the beginning character, therefor he should be the easiest character to play with... Right? I've played Don't Starve quite a bit (my friend is staying over and he has it so he lets me play it) and the longest i've survived is 15 days with Wilson... For a beginner it's still challenging, and frustrating at times, if you don't have a effigy... and a lot of times I don't survive long enough to make one... So instead of complaining about it, just don't play as Wilson or don't make effigies? You can't expect the devs to limit something that keeps beginners playing because players who actually have experience refuse to play the harder characters. Anyway, that's my little ramble...
  2. I rather like your videos Genuine :3 10-15 minutes is about the full length of my attention span so when people make 30+ minutes long videos I never finish them XD anyway, keep up the good videos! :3 and you got yourself a new sub btw, because I legitly like your vids xD
  3. I have Super Hexagon but no other games I am able to trade. If you are interested PM me please. :3
  4. I have Super Hexagon if you're interested in that?
  5. I have Super Hexagon if you're interested in that? :3
  6. Perhaps we could make the trade and I can trade the Chrome key for a steam key? c: Since Don't Starve refuses to work on Chrome v.v
  7. My friend gave me Super Hexagon and I was hoping to trade it for a copy of Don't Starve. I hope someone will accept this trade, even though Super Hexagon is only a $3 game