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  1. Day 38 I don't know what to do. I thought I had this base under control. I shouldn't have created such buildings and ideas before telling her. And its all my fault... I almost killed Willow. I... *more water marks* Day 39 Her rehabilitation is going on very slowly. I hope she will for give me. I feel so sorry for her. I decide to make a nearby village of pigmen houses. I thought it would be a helpful advancement for when ever something like another hound attack or any spiders. I didn't know that the Pig men would turn into Were pigs on a full moon. I guess this unforseen phenomenon makes sense of why most seclude places on this island. There maybe some acumen of intellect in those abnormal creatures. I just wish I knew before this happened. Poor Willow. Tomarrow, I'll take those buildings down. I will never bring them near this place as long as they are capable to transmorgify into such atrocities. I. I think I'll go to the graveyard. The solitude of the setting helps me think. Only if those crows w..
  2. Day 33 Today, Science has struck a blow apon the bowels of nature! I would have never thought of it before, for I was to indepth on exploring and examining these aberrations that haunt me so. Willow, more keen on surviving and keeping track on resources, has improved my standards here far more than I could have. Guess the lady's touch does help. I decide to make base on the center of the isles, hoping that maybe I could use a base to store all my findings and replenishments. It was hard at first, for I never really made a map of the archipelago since yesterday. Yet my genius and Willow's mediocre art skill, we created a map. Its better than I expected really. I figured if I was going island hopping, I might need a map in short order. So far, the base is set and ready, and Willow created a fire pit over to the left of my tent. I would ask her to join me, but I don't want to seem too impudent. I might later try to be less bashful towards her, but my gentlemanly manner tells me to wait. Besides, the prye she created is entertaining to her. Her arsonistic ways don't bother me as it would at home. While I still had time to burn... (derp) ah, for the love of... Anyway, I came up with the design of a machine. I am currently searching for the parts for the machine, but what I hypothosize is that it will break any component down to the basic for studies and allow me to further my basis on current elements that allude me. Such as the monster meat, or this tentacle... anomaly. Only if I new where to find gold on this island...
  3. Day 28 Oh Thank whoever brought them here, even if it was maxwell, or these freakish looking pigmen. I finally seen somebody for over the 4 weeks I've been here! She calls herself willow, and if I say that we were in better conditions, she be quite the looker. Willow and I have not had much plesantry to have an intelligent conversation, but from what I have gathered, she ended up just like me. Only difference is she has been on this island longer than I have! Oh, I feel such pity in her, living in a nightmarish land where mostly everything can kill you if it wanted. Anyway, the weirdest part of it though, is that I found her near a raging forest fire! What and why she was in the fire, I don't know! She seemed to not even mind the scorching heat eminating off the burning trees. I for one waited for the fire to die out before I confronted her. She seemed nice enough, only I wish she talk more, rather than the terse answers she gives me when I ask her about anything really. Her personality doesn't bode well with her... nevermind. I hope this is a sign of good things to come. I swear, I may need some good news. I am not sure, but I don't feel like myself at times. I look at the darkness, feeling as if there is a monster that wants nothing else than to destroy and maim me. I even question my own sanity. I have to keep myself working and researching and keeping myself preoccupied. If I even have a single moment to myself... * the section stops there.*Note: please give me feedback, if I don't, I don't know if I'm doing a good job. Thank you.
  4. Question, how'd he write the diary, did he just make paper from the very beginning? Or is this going off my memory? If so, make it so that its resembling that he is taking this from memory. I saying this because it sounds like he witnessing it while he is writing at times.
  5. OKAY! LETS DO THIS! LEEEEEEEERRROOYYYY! JJEEEENNNKIIINSSS!*people watch him go inside the building*Oh god, he just ran in there.yeah, first death and only death so far is when I attacked a spider queen with only an axe and a logsuit. Now I avoid them whenever possible.
  6. Greetings newcomer, I'm also a new comer, so hopefully we will explore and survive this retched archipelago of forum threads together. If not, well, you got these guys.. oh, and becareful, the pony bites.
  7. Bet willow and winter won't really get along well though, Since winter is a cold, sad looking soul and Willow is an arsonist and likes to burn things.
  8. Day 24 I have given in in expecting anyone to come find me, this place is nothing like home. I hoped for the sake of my discoveries and studies of the unorthodox nature of these islands will not go in vain, for that is the only reason left for me to continue writing these confounded journal. On the side, its the only thing keeping me from going mad. I mean, it took me three days to find another bottle of ink from the swamp. I hope this is ink anyway, besides, its readable enough. My wound seems to heal pretty quickly, so my recent studies wasn't delayed longer than necessary, and in my free time, I tried to replicate a pig men house. Once I finished, which took too long and consumed much need resources, one of those accursed pigmen took residence inside. I was udderly enraged at the occurence! So much hard work and time put into it. I calmed down afterword, yet I was still in a huffy mood, I took use to the new resident to my camp. I have named the pig 'Olive', I felt like giving it something worse, but Olive seemed simple. Yesterday, I found something new, yet I wasn't suprised at the new species that I encountered. This archipelago has ruined the intrigue of novel things for me. It seemed to be a spider of some sort, yet larger than any I ever seen before. At first, I saw some sort of large rotund ball of silky webbing, and me being a scientist, I could not continue without examining it first. I studied it from afar, waiting for anything. Anything to happen. Nothing. Then I came closer, clutching my spear for any inkling of danger. At first, I just making noise, like a bird. Not even a bit of movement. Finally, I poked it with my spear, which was like shaking a bee-hive for the inhabitants of the nest. They seem to be very hostile to anything touching its nest. Suddenly, black spider that were the size of a small dog. They tried to attack me, but I decimated all the spiders before they could do any injury. I have gathered their corpses and brought them to my camp for disection, hopefully I will find some reason these spiders are so large. Hopefully I won't starve till then...
  9. (last one for the night, might do a few more in a day or two.) Day 19 Although I haven't yet disclosed the events that just happened, I should really be resting right now. I am only still writing down this novel discovery for the benefit of Science. Yesterday morning, I did as i said in my last entry, studying the speciemen recieved from the previous attack. From conclusive evidence I uncovered in the flesh of the 'Hell hounds', they apparently seem to be unnormal, in appearance and in health. I found this out by... Nevermind. It doesn't truely matter how I found out. Then as I probed at the meat with obscenely robust tools, most of the corpses rotted at almost ludicrous speed. From that incident on, I would not even think of ingesting the monsterous meat. Later that day, I found a lone pig man again. I decide to name most of the pig men I meet, then later hopefully teach them how to say the name. I swear these creatures are going to drive me insane if they call me Ugly Monkey Man one more.... I gave him some of the monster meat, yet he hadn't shown a single reaction to the lethal dangers of the meat. They seem to have a natural immunity to the posionous flesh. I gave him two more to keep him under wraps so he could stay with me without whining for more food. Which didn't take long, I gave him my last one. The piggy growled and snarled and groaned as I gave distance to the twitchy pig. The pig grew large quanties of fur and claws that looked as if it could cut through bark like butter. I guess the best way to describe it would to say the pig gained a Lycanthrope-like stature. The hog wolf? umm... Swinethrope?Ah! Were-pig, lets call it that. I decimated it before it could fight back, though it did give one good claw in my log suit i made. It didn't seem to negotiate in the first place, so even though I got hurt, it was all for science. I really need to rest before this wound kills me. I'll... *intangible writing with water... or whatever mark stains lower right side of the page.*Good night.
  10. Day 16 I MADE A GREAT DISCOVERY! I was out hunting near the bunny kingdom a few days ago and one of the stray pigmen asked me for meat. I had plenty and I didn't really mind at all. Then as I was walking away, I noticed how the pigman was following me. Oh the things that I made him do. He hunted bunnies for me, yet he ate most of them when he could actually catch them. The pigmen seem to be stronger than most people I've seen, for when i went to chop down trees, the piggy seemly punched a tree down. Of course after awhile of fun for the first time in weeks, it ran off, repeating a harsh sound that resembled something like the word 'Home'. I figured I have yet to realize the po... Day 17 I don't even want to know how they found me, or where they came from, but last night while I was writing, I was attacked by freakish looking Wolves. At first it was just growling and barking, I hoped that these isles were connected to the mainland and someone with dogs found me! Instead as the barking and growling came closer, I found myself clutching the robust spear i made dearly tight for whatever was near. Suddenly it all stopped, like they just disappeared. One of the beasts jumped me, nearly ripped my throat out. I don't even know how many times I stabbed that one till the next one came. Now that I think about it, the wolves remind me of the old diagrams of hellhounds. I'll call them that from now on, Hell hounds. Anyway, the hounds don't seem to be bothered by eating any of their brethern when I strike them down. I was afraid dearly for my life when i saw them eat the dead as if they thought it was a Royal English breakfast. As a scientist, I hypothesize that these aren't from the isle at all, but instead sent by someone who raised these hounds to kill. Otherwise they would be, hopefully, less inclined to eat their fellow canine. I need to do more research on the specimens I have here before writing anything else. For science.
  11. Hmmm.... Guess the name from now on will be 'Pigger' intill we find something better. But it reminds me of Tigger for some reason... I didn't think that far ahead. Maybe, but now that i think about it, maybe they wouldn't eat monster meat. Cause they won't eat it because they're picky?... Either way, if they eat the monster meat, they just be like those red hellhounds. Be stronger and have some afterdeath attack.
  12. (note: I am new to this forum and any critics here that give me a hard time, hear this, I don't take criticism well at times. I am familar with hater and know how to ignore those, but if i do something wrong on this, please do not nag on it. Just please let me know what it is and if its a big issue, i'll fix it. Thank you and enjoy) Day 13 I think at least thats the day since that man left me to rot in this archipelago. I would hope to get off these island as fast as possible, but i recently found a GREAT scientific discovery here. I have found what appears to be, and forgive me if this sound insane, Pig men. I never would of thought of such a thing, but here on this certain island, i have found other sentient life. I have tried my best to confront them, but all effort was lost at the sight of me. Hopefully tomarrow would prove more fruitful.