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  1. Guys thank you for your awsome linux support. With update 7 everything works great. I hope you will do more games for linux and maybe even a port for Shan 1. P.s Don't forget to update the game on ubuntu software center =))
  2. Downloading know and thanks to Shank 2 Team for their awsome support for linux this will not be forgatten.
  3. Were you able to fix it? I have the lasted version but it is not still working. For player one u can both use keyboard mouse and gamepad.
  4. Hi I have purchesed Shank 2 from ubuntu software center. I can't set the co-op survival mode with a keyboard and a xbox360 controller. Game does not see the second player or I could not made this. Is it a problem with the version or if it is not can some one tell me how to set it?
  5. I dont know all these stuff but i was able to play it by primusrun. I can play it with optirun too but it is worth to try it with primusrun by the way i am using Nvidia 313.09 driver maybe this helps.