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  1. To some, I'm sure this tactic seems obvious but to others I think it would be rather helpful. In my world, there are little to no pigs yet there are many level 3 spider nests. Taking on a nest that big by yourself is practically a death wish. No amount of log armor will save you there. The strategy I use is as followed... 1. Build a Fire Dart. Set up some bird traps and catch some redbirds so you can get feathers. Etc etc etc... 2. Scavenge for pine cones. This will be somewhat crucial later on. 3. Plant trees around the nest. 4. Attack during the day. After shooting your dart at then nest it will be set on fire and so will surrounding objects. Such as the newly planted trees. The reasons why you attack during the day is that the spiders will NOT attack you. They will run around for a bit and then go back to sleep. The nest will take enough damage to deplete and most of the spiders will die. The stragglers can then be easily taken out single handedly. However, sometimes attacking a sleeping spider will alert other nearby spiders, so be careful. 5. Loot Charcoal, silk, monster meat its all yours! Horay!
  2. I agree. Although the game is still in BETA so recording info like that seems a bit useless. I really hope they would do it though.
  3. Loot 1. You should be able to place X amount of an item in your inventory, chest, or where ever you want by right clicking or holding right click. Ex. You have 40 flint. You want to put the flint in your chest, but you are going to go exploring and may need the flint. Currently you can either leave it and hope you find some or take it and take up an extra bag slot. This can be frustrating with the small amount of inventory space that there is. Sort of like how it is on minecraft I suppose. 2. You should be able to pick up an item, put it over the fire, right click, and have it cook all of your item. Clicking over and over again can be tedious. Not to mention you can accidentally drop or eat that item. Ex. You pick up some berries, put them over the fire, and right click to cook all the berries. So simple! Opinion Since you will be cooking/researching more than one item the character animation should take longer. The more you are going to cook/research then the longer it should take. Item Suggestions Note: All requirements for each items can be debated. I just sort of made them up on the spot. 1. Pockets "I should fill my pockets!" - Wilson. Yes, yes you should. Pockets can hold 1/10 of what an item would normally hold in a normal inventory slot. Ex. Logs stack up to 20. So you could carry 2 logs in your pockets. (That sounded dirty) Requires (2) pigskin to make. Research is 15. 2. Battleaxe/Sword +More Damage than spear Requires (4) cut stone, (2) rope, and (3) boards to build. Research is 185. 3. Survivalist Pack Basically a bigger backpack. Requires (5) pigskin, (5) grass, and (3) sticks to make. Has 14 slots. Research is 300. 4. Captain's Chest/Big Chest/Large Chest (Just possible names) Requires twice as many materials as a normal chest. Twice the space (18) Research 300. 5. Bow n Arrow Does as much damage as a spear. Research 100. Bow Requires (1) rope and (3) sticks. Arrow Requires (1) stick and (1) flint.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Grammar and disappearing loot Steps to reproduce Grammar Whenever she speaks. There are two times sentences that use the wrong word. Loot Cut down tree. Logs sometimes disappear. Same goes for mining rocks. Describe your issue Grammar This isn't really a bug, however, the third character you play as (Wendy I think) has two errors. When night comes she says something like, "Night blah blah hear", the problem is the "hear" I think you guys meant to put "here". There is also another error but for the life of me I cannot remember it. Loot After cutting down a tree and the logs fall to the ground sometimes they just simply disappear before I even have a chance to pick them up. Same thing goes for mining the rocks. I have yet to experience it with anything else though.