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  1. I would rather like elevation to be added to the game as I do find such a flat world somewhat dull at times. Walls and the ocean are currently the only barrier to movement throughout your exploration and some steep hills and cliffs would make travel more interesting though I am sure some would say more tedious.
  2. Krampus in his current state exists only to be farmed and you can really only summon him by going out of your way to do so. Murdering pigmen and butchering many beefallo to spite him and challenging him to try and touch you. I have NEVER, even before learning he was a thing in the game, had to deal with him. So I like your suggestion of him taking you away in his sack, however if he remains as he and is something players tempt fate to summon why not step it up in adventure mode? I propose getting snatched up in the sack does not simply relocate you, but gets you dumped back to the previous level with the map blacked out and the portal machine smashed by the angry devil. I want to agree with this but currently grave robbing is already a nigh pointless exercise punishable to ghost spawns and sanity loss. Until something in those graves becomes worth my time they really only exist as an easy way to lower my sanity some should I hanker for madness induced hallucination gladiatorial passtime. I'd prefer blowdarts only slowing him so you can actually catch the bugger but still have him able to put up a fight.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Traitorous Swine Steps to reproduce -Have large entourage of pigs -Kill monsters until pig eats monster meat and transforms -Attack pig while it transforms amidst it's fellows Describe your issue Have a 5+ group of pigs following and go spider hunting. Eventually one or two of the pigs will go werehog from eating the monster meat dropped. I found if I attack the pig during it's vulnerable transformation, a few of my nearby friendly swineguard begin attacking me. This is aggravated by the fact the game still considers them 'friendly' so I cannot attack them as they pummel me into mulch. This has happened to me three times so I feel it is fairly reliable to reproduce. Also pigs don't seem to attack werehogs(unless it targets them specifically) and will happily watch one maul you to death.
  4. The only death my wilson has faced in this most successful of runs(luckily I had my meat effigy ready to go) was against not one but two queens in the middle of a swamp. That was hectic and I knew in hindsight I should have just legged it. Tentacles everywhere, spiders everywhere, managed to kill one queen but it was in fact, a jumping that finished me off by leaping far further than I expected it to be able to. That could work. So long as all the hassle makes the fish more worth the trouble than it currently is. Another possibility would be making more fish based recipes at the crock pot making for more potent dishes with fishes. As for a claw weapon that grabs? At least one character best shout 'GET OVER HERE' or I will throw down my hat. Though all this talk of making fish useful is getting me thinking about their application in SCIENCE. With all those tentacles and fish in the same place. I am just waiting for a shoggoth to make an appearance as a swamp boss.
  5. Battling a boss in the swamp is a perilous proposition on it's own. Using the tentacles as traps to lure bosses into seems the more likely scenario and I've found them quite good at weakening your fat foes. A simple hide mechanic that doesn't weaken the boss but keeps the tentacle out of harm's way would be ideal for keeping the pressure on the player.
  6. New suggestion, this offers an excellent opportunity to fill out the rather dessicated magic list with something for banishing spirits. When I got to the point where I felt invincible(a condition that can be cured by being anyone but wilson) I stopped playing so I haven't experienced 30+ wolf packs since it struck me as pointless. But really a dozen of anything beyond vanilla black spiders should worry anyone. I've built everything and put things on ice at day 60 since nothing seems worth doing anymore now that I'm at the top. Rot would have to apply to all meat and just make fish more of a hassle unless fish were far longer lasting than any other meat(jerky anyone?). There was a panning suggestion in another thread that looked quite promising. The chance of fishing random other items(provided they'd be useful in some way) would also make it more tempting. Also top hat and dapper vest are only the beginning, a true gentleman(or fair lady)'s quest for tasteful attire is never truly sated. Though I could easily see more requirements being piled onto the top hat's material requirements to elevate it further up.
  7. Well first off I'd like to say I've enjoyed myself immensely and despite it being a beta have only encountered 3 very minor bug related issues. Upon being deposited in my first world and getting the hang of the controls things seemed simple enough to get the hang of. I've burned through at least a dozen wilsons so far, and one girl. I realized she was inferior due to not being wilson. Not once during the many deaths I faced was it due to starvation and indeed food seems plentiful in this game. All the deaths I met were due to arrogance and pushing my luck with the various critters the game has to throw at you and luckily never left me feeling I'd been cheated out of a run. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the accumulation of research carries over in games since the prospect of farming more grass for rope wasn't all that enticing and it wasn't too long before I had everything unlocked(thanks greatly to the discovery of grave-digging) even if the vast majority of the time I had no access to it. The is until beefallo are encountered, these great loveable hairy beasts and their accompanying brown gold make the battle for survival almost trivial. Building a stead of farms and migrating bushes from the starting zone renders all food needs moot and not much in the way of hostile creatures inhabit the planes aside from spiders which are hardly a threat until queens start lumbering around. The only thing marring my progress during this recent successful run has been a lack of stone. But due to my abundance of food, a well stocked pack means having a several day soujourn to scout out the whole world go quickly and smoothly without worry. If anything remotely dangerous occurred I had no reason to stick around and could always fall back on my stead or a bridge and rest without worry. Once a suitable quarry was found that was it. Now wilson sits upon a throne of food a pig king himself with a village erected by his own hand an army of porcine defenders ready to die for him at a moment's notice. At this point I finally had a chance to try out the crock pot, which proved a fairly pointless sink for all my massive excess of food. Why wait hours to cook a meal when 3 honey could heal me up just as well or gorging myself on nuts/berries/meat to keep my belly full at a whim is simpler by far? Then there is the tent, an excellent construct if you were unfortunate enough to not be wilson and will let you remedy this grievous error on your part likely as a result of not understanding how great it is to be wilson. So now he sits with the whole world explored and an arsenal of clubs, darts, and other pointy unpleasant things atop his mountain of gold and food fueled by the bowels of diligent beefallo and no motivation to move from the spot(until a portal to the next world gets added). The only things he can't avoid dealing with is the occasional assault of flaming hell hounds. Now I'm thinking of just killing him off so I can start over and see what the world will throw at me this time. -------------------- Some thoughts and suggestions. Torches and mining helmets don't seem to see much use from me, their limited duration and consumption of equipment slots leads me to just throw down campfires 10 times out of 10. Apart from fireflies there seems to be no incentive to brave the night for hidden goodies which brings me to... Graveyards are plenty spooky but really don't offer much in the way of risk in exchange for the massive research benefits and occasional amulet. I really feel that at night, grim grinning ghosts ought to have the run of the place and make settling anywhere near one of these places a death wish. But dealing with the not so restful dead at night could also be rewarding of itself and the array of magical items we can currently build is awfully light at the moment. As such I would like to suggest the fog from graveyards be much more expensive and prevent the construction of campfires to give the aforementioned mining hats and torches a little more use. Currently I see beefallo as my ticket to easy the mode. The moment I find them I set up shop to stay as all my worries are put to rest. I have a few suggestions on how to make this large curious creatures a little more of a hassle to benefit from. -Firstly migration, keeping them on the move would keep you on the move and prevent easy farming. -Secondly predation, currently nothing messes a beefallo having regular hound or pig spawns poaching beefallo would force the player to risk his neck defending them every now and then Hell hounds, these fiery beasts got me good the first time setting ablaze my precious berry bushes. But simply staying in an open spot renders them nearly as harmless as their mundane counterparts. These ought to be beasts to fear and I suggest letting their attacks set fire to your log armor if you happen to be wearing any. That'll put some more bite behind their bark. Fishing, why bother? Fishing takes a long time, doesn't yield much, and I could be making off like a bandit just jumping between ponds harvesting frogs. Give fish some auxiliary uses, perhaps a source of mercury for more stylish hattery? The phrase mad as a hatter comes to mind and with the talk of a sanity meter coming this would make fish a far more interesting resource to be looking into. ------ About those bugs, this isn't the bug report forum but I just want to quickly bring them up. -Sea not spawning, just blackness -pig man 'going home' by running into the border of an island forever -picking up a poop with inventory full, and using it to fertalize resulted in the poop graphic hovering there for the rest of the game