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  1. Thank you for the link! But I'm afraid it do not help me out at the moment =(
  2. I can't get my steam key from chrome because it says that I can't get a key if I have not bought it from the Chrome store. I have done so, and still it woun't work =(
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Chrome Version Number 72872 Issue title The controls change Steps to reproduce Almost everytime I am checking another tab , or sometimes for no reason at all. Describe your issue I searched and couldn't find anyone else with this issue so… Well this is how it is. Every time I check my facebook or twitter and then comeback, the controls have changed. It have changed RMB and LMB. It is starting to get really annoying. I can't even lift things from my inventory when they have changed. Thanks in forehand! Edit: I found out that I can click SHIFT to get rid of it. So it is not a big problem anymore.
  4. I have finished the game now and I haven't really seen any more bugs. Thanks a lot guys!
  5. There is no one seeding so I can't download it with bitTorrent :(EDIT: Nevermind!
  6. No worries! We are glad that we can play it in the first place!
  7. I can't wait for the next update! I want to finish the game so bad. But I guess I'll have to wait
  8. Oh ok, Thank you! I got it now but I didn't know that there have to be someone seeding but I have gotten a bit better understanding over the torrent stuffs now.
  9. I had the same problem in the cutscene and the water in the same level was really blocky, not sure about you guys though.I can confirm the ladder issue!
  10. My internet connection isn't really bad when I come up to max speed it is at 1mb/s but it is fixed now, I just let it download during the night. =)
  11. Sorry for spamming but… I have no idea what seeds are but they are low and I can't get higher than 9,5kb/s
  12. A new update is out! Thank you Klei developers you have done a magnificant job!
  13. Ok! I have tested the new update and everything works fine… UNTIL(!) Human Cargo, :/ I have tryed again and again, but after I have been in the boat for like 20 seconds the game crashes all the time, I don't know about you folks but I can't play any further
  14. I can't play the lates update because the download would take 3 weeks…EDIT: It was just my terrible internet at the time ^_^. I had 0,1 kb/s O.o
  15. I woun't play so I get tired of this awesome game now when I can't save anyway
  16. I didn't play through the whole stage because it wouldn't save anyway but I got maybe halfway without crashes.
  17. I wanted to say that the fire effect works perfectly for me . But I can't save, (as usual) wich makes it pretty annoying to start over again all the time
  18. I got no problems with cutscenes nor do I have problems with the "How to survive". Like he said above: Mac version still does not save.I got another bug to report(not sure if really needs to be fixed but).At this point: If I roll inside this house (not sure with other houses) I just see the outer wall of the house but if I move out and walk in normally it is as usuall.P.S Seems like I couldn't upload the picture :(EDIT: It is the building after you have defeated the fat guys at the blood machine
  19. GREAT! But I should delete the other Shank 2 stuff from my computer right? (I don't know too much about computers )