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  1. Hello, I decided to make stone tower. Hope that You like it! ENJOY !
  2. Refresh. Some comments would be really nice. It's hard to do something just for 3 people
  3. Angry Wilson is still not ready. I've made Thinking Wilson already. Hope u'll enjoy him. I really have big hope to see your comments about it. EDIT Experimenting Wilson
  4. [MENTION=8102]Yello[/MENTION]Haha, I think that I've got small idea for this. I'm starting to make it now.
  5. Hello, in this thread I'll try to make the best gifs ever of Don't Starve characters. Everything what I post here is made in Paint. I love this program and I've started to use it 5 years ago. So here is my work: Angry Willow Thinking Wilson Experimenting Wilson
  6. I think that the new update hasn't made this game harder, lol. Food needs still a lot of time to spoil... I think that some of products should spoil really fast.. For example meat, it's really hard to eat it after 2 days ;3 It should give a lot of hunger, but spoil really fast. One time I have read that u are planning to add the winter. In the winter food should spoil 2 x longer. Wx78 isn't a good hero to play with. It's a lot of better to play with lower lvl characters like Wilson or Wolfgang than some1 who cannot eat food after 10 or 20 days... Wx78 should have some other bonus. That's what I think. Sorry for my bad English ;p
  7. Most Epic: Beated SPIDER QUEEN! Long live the queen! =D And of course spiderhat! Stupidest: Well... while I was fighting with hounds in my base, i smashed crock pot. My base was destroyed ^^ Best: My 1st tentacle killed ... =)
  8. My 5th or 6th map was and is still(I didn't generated new world!) awesome. I live on a Savannah biome. Swamp is 2 steps to the east and beefalos are 10 steps to the west. Pig village with pig king is 10 steps to the north. It's just amazing ^^ I forgot about spiders and rocky biome. It's 10 steps to the south xD
  9. I'm bored because I really did everything what I was waiting for. I had my own army of pigs, pig houses, mandrake. I even killed 2 Spider Queens and I wore spider hat. I had also my sweet bees.. Just everything - like I told - what I wanted to have ;D Now I'm waiting for new updates. I hope that they'll bring new buildings. I would love to have my own house =)
  10. Hello, I was playing Don't Starve several times.. My record was 30 days. I really wanted to unlock Wolfgang, so I'm playing it again and I'm now on 62 day and I'm getting bored... Should I end this game and play as Wolfgang? Is there anything interesting yet? (I have never been to winter biome). I have also seen fourth unlockable character, should I play up to 100 days to unlock it? Thanks..
  11. Refresh: Uff, I have killed it already. What have I noticed? Tentacle spike doesn't attack it(I attacked it from it about 30 times and nothing happened.
  12. Hello. I was chopping tree and after it tree guard have respawned. Unfortunately, he've respawned just few seconds before night. I cannot kill him(I don't know how). My question is: Can I run from it? Will it follow me? Please, help me as fast as possible!!! PS: Sorry for my bad English. Unfortunately, it's not my 1st language.