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  1. 500 DAYS?!?!? Man... I can only dream.. :PI play too aggressive and end up getting myself killed xDI can't play conservative enough LOLOLOL
  2. Forget to link the channel? I'm assuming it's TerraTman right?
  3. Thank you. That actually means a lot, motivates me to make more. I was getting worried with no one commenting on this.. lolHere's another video (Almost forgot to post it here)http-~~-//
  4. Don't Starve with CUSTOM CHARACTER!!! | Part 5 | http-~~-//
  5. PART 3 IS HERE! lol ( longer episode, things happened )
  6. Hey guys, thought you might wanna check out my Let's Play that I'm doing. I created my own character and I'm just SUPER excited to play with a Character that I made xD Other notes:I have an artist that's currently working on a new character for me, And I will be putting a lot of work into balancing that character making custom sounds etc. etc. I plan to put this future character up for download so others can play as him as-well.The character I'm currently playing with, probably won't be up for download, unless there's a huge demand for it.
  7. Hey guys, Check out my Daily Don't Starve Let's Play. I'm not the most knowledgable player, BUT I definitely have fun playing Here's the playlist: http-~~-//
  8. I thought I'd share my Don't Starve Let's play, I started with the old style map quite a few builds ago. Once I die, I'll start a new map.
  9. Hey, Just started a Let's play, First episode is up, I have 4 recorded so far and I will be uploading daily.