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  1. Don't Starve - World I Day 500

    500 DAYS?!?!? Man... I can only dream.. :PI play too aggressive and end up getting myself killed xDI can't play conservative enough LOLOLOL
  2. TerraTman Plays: Various Games. :D

    Forget to link the channel? I'm assuming it's TerraTman right?
  3. Thank you. That actually means a lot, motivates me to make more. I was getting worried with no one commenting on this.. lolHere's another video (Almost forgot to post it here)http-~~-//
  4. Part 6, I let my sanity go! lol
  5. Don't Starve with CUSTOM CHARACTER!!! | Part 5 | http-~~-//
  6. PART 3 IS HERE! lol ( longer episode, things happened )
  7. Hey guys, thought you might wanna check out my Let's Play that I'm doing. I created my own character and I'm just SUPER excited to play with a Character that I made xD Other notes:I have an artist that's currently working on a new character for me, And I will be putting a lot of work into balancing that character making custom sounds etc. etc. I plan to put this future character up for download so others can play as him as-well.The character I'm currently playing with, probably won't be up for download, unless there's a huge demand for it.
  8. Creating your own character

    That's what I put in, I only waited 2 days when testing.. lol. I'll have to play for 3 days now to see if it worked or not.. xD- - - Updated - - - That's what I put in, I only waited 2 days when testing.. lol. I'll have to play for 3 days now to see if it worked or not.. xD
  9. Creating your own character

    Anyone figure out how to get your Custom character to grow a beard?I put a bunch of code that I found in Wilson's character, thought it would work. The game doesn't crash, which is good But.. I don't think the beard is gonna grow. I might not have tested the character long enough though.I had a look in the beards' .zip and there are 2 .bin's in there instead of just 1. Does that change things?
  10. Hey guys, Check out my Daily Don't Starve Let's Play. I'm not the most knowledgable player, BUT I definitely have fun playing Here's the playlist: http-~~-//
  11. I thought I'd share my Don't Starve Let's play, I started with the old style map quite a few builds ago. Once I die, I'll start a new map.
  12. Hey, Just started a Let's play, First episode is up, I have 4 recorded so far and I will be uploading daily.