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  1. It's always fun to see how people go haywire right before a new update for Don't Starve is released.
  2. I find you very suspicious. <,

  3. We're Live!

    Who said anything about updates ending? The developers promised at least six months of updates, although there won't be an update every 14 days. The developers switched to delivering a new update every month.
  4. We're Live!

    First review from GameInformer: https://www.gameinformer.com/games/dont_starve/b/pc/archive/2013/04/26/dont-starve-review-a-life-and-death-struggle-without-a-point.aspx
  5. Another version has been released that adds the new way that Don’t Starve calculates the experience. The old calculation algorithm is also included in the tool for those that play older versions of the game.
  6. We're Live!

    Congratulations Klei! Don't Starve has become a truly amazing game.
  7. Duplicated Meat effigy

    This is not how the game activates the health penalties. The health penalty activates during the crafting process, and gets removed after you legitimately remove or destroy the Effigy. At these points the variable of the health penalty is updated. This means that, for example, if you legitimately place an Effigy and remove it with hacks, you still have the penalty.Glitches are not legitimate ways to get them, so the code that adds/removes health penalty doesn't get touched. This explains while he only lost 20 health points, instead of the 60 that he should've lost because of three Effigies.
  8. Thanks for the rep!

  9. Update Imminent, Klei?

    One thing is for sure, I'm ready for it!
  10. Wait, so we got gang wars between different pig clans now?
  11. [abandoned] Frozen Ponds v3

    I assume you will still put it in the vanilla code anyway, right? Not everyone - like myself - wants to use mods.
  12. My Game experiences

    [MENTION=8728]Irontaco[/MENTION] If it was up to me, you would've won the 'Survivor of the Hour' award.
  13. Mark of the Ninja is very successful. It's highly praised, got multiple awards, brings life to the stealth genre and is a thrill to play. Of course there is going to be a sequel! Don't be silly.
  14. I have a confession to make. I haven't played Don't Starve on a regular basis since around a week before the Insanity update came out. Not because I didn't like that update, because I did! Anyway, so far I'm loving the new Winter update and I'm playing the game a lot again.I hope you guys are not angry at poor ol' Tora. :3