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  1. I find you very suspicious. <,

  2. Another version has been released that adds the new way that Don’t Starve calculates the experience. The old calculation algorithm is also included in the tool for those that play older versions of the game.
  3. Thanks for the rep!

  4. [MENTION=8728]Irontaco[/MENTION] If it was up to me, you would've won the 'Survivor of the Hour' award.
  5. Mark of the Ninja is very successful. It's highly praised, got multiple awards, brings life to the stealth genre and is a thrill to play. Of course there is going to be a sequel! Don't be silly.
  6. I have a confession to make. I haven't played Don't Starve on a regular basis since around a week before the Insanity update came out. Not because I didn't like that update, because I did! Anyway, so far I'm loving the new Winter update and I'm playing the game a lot again.I hope you guys are not angry at poor ol' Tora. :3
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73726 Issue title Infinite Pig Feeding From Backpack Steps to reproduce 1. Have a stack of items that produce manure with pigs (pedals, berries etc.). 2. Stand away far enough from the pig to give you enough time to do step 4. 3. Drag the stack to the Pig. 4. Quickly put the stack back in the backpack while your character walks towards the pig to feed him. 5. You'll notice that the whole stack disappears from the backpack and that the pig generates the same amount of manure (15 pedals = 15 manure). Describe your issue This only works with the backpack slots. Normal inventory slots cannot be used for this exploit.
  8. Liar! I didn't get it yet. :crushed:Edit: Nevermind, got it!
  9. Pictures or it didn't happen. Although you can't trust pictures either, I can easily reach a million days with my Save Editor and make a picture of it. Anyway! Without any mods (which I don't use anyway, I like my vanilla experience) I think I reached around day 180. Then I got bored and committed suicide.
  10. The point is that people don't bother to look up information before posting their questions. In their mind they're probably the first people who ever posted a suggestion for multiplayer.
  11. I had that a couple of times myself, but I kinda like the Bee Fields to be honest.
  12. The Don't Starve XP Calculator calculates the amount of experience you get after a number of survived days. The tool includes both the old calculator algorithm and the new one. This tool is currently compatible with: Don't Starve 'Live' version Current version: 1.1 How to install: No installation needed, the tool can run directly out of the box! Download Don't Starve XP Calculator: Most recent screenshot:
  13. [MENTION=10692]Snicker56[/MENTION] Are you using any mods that increase your health, hunger or sanity? This could case the Out Of Range Exception that you're getting. Also, is this a save game that was created after the release of the Sanity update?
  14. You're absolutely right and what you've said is very possible indeed. Like Daviex said, this is one of the things that is on our to-do list. We've been working on version 0.4 now for a couple of days and have already squashed a good amount of bugs, with new fixes and features coming every day.