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  1. Still happening with the last version "shank2-linux-update5-1357333136.tar.gz"edit: It is now good with the shank2-linux-update7 version!!!
  2. [Linux] Game crash in human cargo

    Still happening with the last version "shank2-linux-update5-1357333136.tar.gz" edit: It is now good with the shank2-linux-update7 version!!!
  3. HiI have the same issue here on Linux Mint. There is a new version since the 4th of January and I will try with it tonight.
  4. Hi, I have an issue in the Human Cargo level. It crashes with a Segmentation fault at the beginning after killing a few people on the boat with the machine gun. I use the last version (2013-01-02) on Linux Mint 64bits. Here is the last lines of the output in the console http://piratepad.net/ep/pad/view/ro.v4ThvNfIrxo/latest In the logs, the crash.log file is empty. Let me know if you need any log. Does anyone have the same issue? edit: I tried with the 32 bits version and have the same crash. It seems that the game crashes after this call each time: cPhysicsComponent::RemoveDynamicBrush(109)
  5. Hi,This solution works great for me. I am on a Linux Mint 64 bits. However, my game still does not want to save the controlls. My keyboard is AZERTY so I tried to change the settings to fit my keyboard. But after I quit the game I need to change them again.Does anyone have the same issue?edit: btw I tried with the last version found on humblebundle webpage (shank2-linux-update3-1357159966.tar.gz)