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  1. I'm still in the 25th and the update is imminent for me too .
  2. Is it just me or in the trailer the character dies differently, not like in the current game
  3. Yes the koalephant teleport , one of my koalephant that I've captured just disappear from his pen during the night
  4. Ok but I through that we can have one koalephant in each world until you use the wooden thing and generate a new world
  5. I don't know if it's a bug or if it's a new thing from the sanity update but I just killed the koalephant on my 20 day and 2 days after i saw tracks , i follow them and I discovered an other koalephant so now I have 2 breezy vest . Tell me if it's normal or notPS:I'm still in my first world , I didn't use the wooden thing .And sorry for the bad english.
  6. Your right , I think DS is a game with a lot of possibility and if the devs come to use the full potential of the game when the full version will come out it'll be an awesome game
  7. I think having more animals and plants in the game would be awesome, like a Grizzly who stay in the forest , a bee queen ( just like the spider queen) , a carnivorous plant , a new type of tree who can drop fruits so we can choose to chop him or we can dig him and plant him around our camp and cultivate his fruits . What do you think ?