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  1. For those of you who are reporting slow download speeds, can I guess that you're using bit torrent? There was hardly anyone seeding when I first tried downloading an early version, so I switched to downloading the whole file in one piece from the Humble Bundle server (or whatever server is used when you click "Download" and then "Download anyway"). Great download speeds there.
  2. The Mac version is also crashing, for me it's always about halfway through the second "set" of enemies while shooting from the zodiac boat. Apple crash report: [ATTACH]1667[/ATTACH] Rendering.log[ATTACH]1668[/ATTACH] Crash Report.txt rendering.log
  3. Tried Update 3, thanks Shank 2 team. Everything works as the changelog says it will, which also means still no saves. Made it up to the level 4 boss and had to quit after a couple of deaths, I'll probably hold off on playing through again until the save issue resolved.
  4. Thanks for update #2! Only played through the first level to see if the camera bug and save bug had been resolved, there were no camera issues and I can also view the level 1 finale video now. I can confirm that the save bug is still present -- didn't save settings, stats, or game progress. It continues to save my files to "Shank2/users" rather than just Shank2. For the earlier poster who asked about release notes: Shank 2 Linux/Mac update 2 ========================== Mac version stores log files and savegames to <username>/Library/Klei/Shank2, Linux version to ~/.klei/shank2. Fixes: -Gamepad/joystick controllers should now function properly (Fixed already in Update 1). -Camera problems on Mac should be resolved. -Savegames should function properly on Linux, Mac might still have problems. -Gamepad/joystick button icons should be more sensible, if not yet totally correct. -Fixed minor glitch in blur effect. -Fixed resolution listing in display mode selection.