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  1. Hi! How can i protect myself against the cold? What cloth do i need? Also i saw in the patchnotes that winter comes after 20 days but in my world after 10 days it started snowing, and it is just impossible to farm enought food and clothes for the winter. Also i like the difficulty.
  2. I have 1 copy of this game, so i would like to trade!
  3. So i wanted to see this new "boss" , so around day 40 i started to destroy the lvl 3 spider nests with my pig friends, it was a glorious fight, but i cant find the queen. I destroyed maybe 5 big nests and still nothing. Where can i find the queen? Merry Christmas!
  4. When he was added to the game, i saw him a lot and i was angry because i was just killing some birds and rabbits, like an angel then i came back to my base and i saw 2 Krampus was destroying my base, i think they are awesome and Krampus makes the game more exciting coz you dont know when or where he will attack you, i think the nerf was stupid, i cant summon him now... Save him!
  5. Hello, i added you on steam, my name is garthrog, and in chat we can sepeak about it.
  6. DONE! Hello, i have just bought this awesome game and i have an extra copy so i would like to trade it. I am looking for steam games, what you can offer, or maybe dota 2 items. Comment your offer and i hope we can make a deal!