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  1. I don't think this would be able to do, since I don't think Don't Starve is grid based, but I think it would be awesome if the player could craft a ruler. Once the ruler was crafted then (Please choose one, or both) when it is in your inventory or when equipped then it would put a grid on the screen and make everything snap to it, that way I would be able to place items down and get them straight (I have OCD, so having them not straight is horrible!) I think this would be a cool idea, what about you guys?
  2. Well, that is true, but try to avoid using bad language as someone did a poll on how old the player base of DS was and there was a lot of 0-15 year olds. Even though some of the language they come out with sometimes can be shocking
  3. What's the point of this thread? It's pretty much the same thing as that other threads about stupid moments...
  4. Yeah this sounds cool, I'd love to see my stats like: Animals Slain: Monsters Slain: Campfires lit: Items Crafted: Just you know, cool stats like that. I like this idea too.
  5. It was a good idea and you seem to put some work in to it, but the point of the game is for you to try new things and I actually really like it. It was spoiled a little bit for me as I found out how to play the game through watching youtube videos, but I love the aspect of being shoved into a world, told nothing on how to play and given one objective. Survive. But yeah, I guess we'll let this thread die
  6. Ahh, sorry about that I was relying on the "similar threads" thing underneath the box to bring any up if any had been made Thanks for linking me
  7. I think it would be so awesome if people posted their bases, can be video or image, I just love seeing them as they are awesome So please post yours below! (I won't post mine just yet as I only just started a new world :/)
  8. I have, but it's not permanent and not a challenge and not fun :/ Cheat engine can't give you a cool hat with your own name on it Edit: When I said the seed thing, I was using it as an example. I find Don't Starve enjoyable and actually quite a casual game (early on, lol) but I would do it simply because I have a LOT of fun from doing it
  9. Lol, I assume you pressed Alt + F4 to try and cheat death ^^
  10. Okay, I've been posting a lot recently, but I have some questions. I've always liked fiddling with games and playing around with them, which is why when I saw a post recently about someone finding out new characters by looking at .tex files I really wanted to find out how to do it, I just wanted to be able to do it, I don't know why, but no matter what game, if I find out it's possible to even edit it by editing the game files a tiny bit I make it my goal to do it. I guess you could say I'm a modder (sorta). Anyway I saw they were looking at .tex files and so I thought it should be easy enough if I could edit tex files to put my name on one of the top hats. So I've been trying for quite a while now to put my name on a top hat, but I don't know if I can, furthest I got was de-compiling a .tex file and getting a .dds file. I edited that, but it wasn't... right. Anyway, I sort of gave up on that and I was interested in something else, I saw that someone decompiled .lua files and edited them and that's what I've wanted to do, to just edit them files and do something like make eating a seed fill all your hunger/health or something. Anything. Anyway it's all for educational purposes and fun, but I have some questions, so here they are: 1. Is any part of what I said allowed? Because I don't think it is, which is why I was worried about posting here. 2. If the answer to my first question is: Yes, then how much of it is allowed? 3. If I would be able to edit .tex files just for fun, how would I do that? 4. If I would be able to edit .lua files just for fun, how would I do that? The answer is probably NO to the first question, so that probably cancels out all the rest, sorry if this isn't allowed and if it isn't, then I won't attempt to do any more fiddling or whatever you want to call it. If this post sounded a bit immature then I apologize as I'm only 13 and curious :/
  11. I just realised, I've just started my new world again and I didn't get any XP because I started it straight over my old one! I should of at least commit suicide. It was my first ever time playing Don't Starve too and I got up to day 40+, ahh well. I guess it's not that much XP anyway :/ Anyone else done that and lost XP? Lol.
  12. Lol? I was looking on the wiki and here are some facts: It takes 20 Naughtiness to summon Krampi. Pig - 3 Naughtiness Beefalo - 4 Naughtiness Crow - 1 Naughtiness Redbird - 2 Naughtiness Smallbird - 6 Naughtiness Butterfly - 1 Naughtiness Rabbit - 1 Naughtiness Tallbird - 2 Naughtiness So that means kill 20 Rabbits you get Krampus, but because of this fact: Naughtiness will decay by 1 every minute if no naughty actions are performed. It means you'd have to kill those 20 Rabbits within 59 Seconds to get him just by killing 20. Apparently, there are no 'Nice' actions that you can perform to knock out the naughty actions, you just gotta wait it out.
  13. I don't like the fact that the game punishes me for being naughty, If I want to kill cute little bunnies, I want to be able to kill cute little bunnies. I don't want some krampus stealing my stuff Though I guess it's there to stop people from living of bunnies? :/