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  1. Yeah I thought that would be quite cool, but difficult to animate, though I do like the idea of it involving some strategy.
  2. Well, the best they could probably do would be a hole in the ground similar to a worm hole, but make it look like the opening to a cave.
  3. Maybe it could be pigmen and wolfmen? Where if you chose to be a pigmen they would help you out with all the things they do now, but are not as strong as wolfmen who can't do what pigmen do, but protect you for longer and are stronger.I haven't put much thought in to this post so mobius will probably pick out some reasons it's a good/bad idea.
  4. Hello. Before making a suggestion, please refer to this thread.
  5. I have deleted that folder multiple times and it was empty in the first place.
  6. Vouch for this :)You've done a good job on it.
  7. I want to clear all the characters and everything I have on don't starve after I was messing around and gave myself them all.
  8. Holy crap, not only would this update be fun, but it would also nerf hoarding food and make meet effigies go off (At the same time the meat inside does of course ) And cooked food could go off quicker which means you'd have to choose when to cook your food, instead of cooking it all at one time
  9. This wasn't made to be a casual game, which it currently still is. I can't see how you are finding this game hard at all, I've been playing it and haven't died ONCE. I deleted my previous one so I could get a better world. This game is really easy and the fact you can get a lot of honey and resources makes the game not difficult at all, especially when you have a ton of meat effigies and amulets. Eventually you would get bored of this casual playstyle. That's why they are adding in new meters (like sanity) which make you have to worry about more things. They want to make this game keep you on edge and on the move, that's why they are making it harder and that's why it makes it FUN and a CHALLENGE.
  10. Note: the fairy would be small, have butterfly wings, be a fat guy (he would look around 35 years old) with Billy Ray Sirus styled blond hair, and wearing a Tinkerbell-like belly shirt and skirt Lolz, just no Although don't starve can be a funny game full of humour, it is still serious in it's art style and many other things.
  11. I think someone already mentioned #2 here before.
  12. I just wanna bump this because I want to know what people's opinions are on this as no-one really said anything :/