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  1. Yeah, it's kinda been out since the game came out. It's a really old trick, not a bug.
  2. I'm not sure what I think about the parchment idea, it seems weird to me. I guess seeds could outcome to berry bushes, but I'd rather seeds stay grouped in its own category of fruits and vegetables. Sure, there are a good amount of berry bushes generated in the world, but its possible that you can lose a lot of them, to he'll hounds and such. It'd be a "higher class" alternative to normal bushes with the benefit of not having gobblers.
  3. When you give a bird in a bird cage berries or seeds (1x), it has a 50% chance of dropping either manure or seeds (1x). Also, you could plant berries (non-cooked) in farm plots and they would grow a normal berry bush. This bush would regrow berries just like a normal bush would (The tier of the farm plot only affects the time of the initial growth of the bush, not the speed of the growth of the berries); however, the bush cannot be transplanted somewhere else. When the player tries to dig up the berry bush it will only drop sticks like an normal unfertilized berry bush would. And, the bush would dehydrate (become unfertilized) whenever the farm plot needs manure (each time the bush is harvested the farm loses a fertilizer point), the player could then re-fertilize the bush, and it would keep producing berries until it dehydrates. The bush would also not spawn gobblers at all.