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  1. Well I got to day 7 this time and killed by hound.
  2. Nothing in particular. I have been killed by tallbirds, spiders, and the tentacle things. It's not that I don't avoid them, I do. It seems mostly I get stuck in a situation where I can't get enough food. Then I starve. Or if there is nothing else available I go get tallbird eggs. I can kill a few but end up getting killed by one in the end. Other than that it seems starvation or running out of resources is killing me. EDIT: I feel much of my problem stems from attempting to stick to a location where I make my science machine. Is it better to continue to wander? Also, I can't find fertilizer to make plots. I haven't seen one beefalo in the 20 or so times I've played and my brother hasn't in his 15 or so.
  3. I can't make it past day four. What am I doing wrong?