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  1. 1.) yup .. what's more, the numbers can be used but there are more than 10 boxes .. hehe .. sort of confusing. 2.) so true .. 3.) indeed, this could improve gameplay more. I also find it weird the first time I played that it says this "thing" over to the other more appropriate one. 4.) yeah.. I guess it's just a personal preference .. 5.) indeed it's more of a challenge . However, I find it extremely challenging specially for moving objects . perhaps I'm just lazy? idk .. haha 1.) Well, It will help if the user is more fund of using the keyboard rather than clicking it always. 2.) agree! 3.) yup yup .. 4.) personal preference I guess. perhaps what Karisuto said could be true though. The "You are alone" feel. 5.) couldn't agree more .. haha .. thanks for the feedbacks ..
  2. Hi everyone, I just tried the beta last Dec. 14 and I found some things that I think needs to be improved to added. Oh... by the way, sorry if my english could turn up bad or something, english isn't my first language so...yeah. 1.) The inventory box needs numbers. I sometimes get lost to what number I should press as the inventory box doesn't have any numbers. 2.)A "SORT" button could be a big plus to organize the items in the inventory, or you can just separate the box for food, tools, raw materials, etc. for easier accessibility and also to lessen confusion. 3.) The overworld "stuffs" are sometimes hard to click, specially if I'm NOT playing it in fullscreen. If pointer is pointed to it it won't highlight, yet if my pointer is more to its southern end without exactly entering the "stuff" that's the time it will highlight. hmm.. 4.) It is still dark even with fire during the night. I don't if it's just me but I think a more "REDDISH GLOW" is more appropriate with the fire rather than the "LIGHTER DARK GLOW" around it. Ofcourse I'm only talking about the area around the fire, the darkness of the wilderness away from the fire is I think ..natural?.. 5.) Auto-"Attacking" is I think a good addition as well, It's quite tiring to repeatedly click the mouse (not to mention is decreases the mouse life drastically). Perhaps a Single Click to the object then not releasing the mouse will perform an auto-attack? hmmm ... I think that's all for now. Cheers to the developer though for creating a unique, fun and challenging game. I hope you read this and incorporate some of this stuffs ..