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  1. You can remove them, you just have to select them individually and click the 'deconstruct' button in the popup window. But yeah, the deconstruct tool itself does not work on them for some reason.
  2. I have a similar issue in my game, which I think is probably caused by the same bug. In my case, the dupes get stuck while they are on their way to build some tiles. And just like ChocolateDogFood, they just ignore any orders to move. In fact the only thing that seems to free them is cancelling the build order. If you click on them, it looks like they might be stuck trying to decide between two possible routes to reach their destination, and are continuously alternating between them: I've attached a save file, and here are the reproduction steps for that save file: -load the save, let it run on its own for ~30 seconds on the fastest speed. -After Pierre is done eating, the duplicants start delivering the sandstone to the tiles to be built on the bottom left of the base. Any duplicants that choose to take the lower route get stuck in a loop moving between two tiles until they suffocate. tgc4-7-1 Cycle 94.sav