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  1. Thanks for the advice! I tried that and it worked! Here is a picture during the fight: Here is a picture after the fight:
  2. So I was camping away from my old camp and look who showed up.
  3. I see. You used many flame darts but I don't have those kinds of resources laying around. Also, there were still some spiders attacking the Queen...
  4. Good job Captain Potato! I would do that but I don't have that many pigs.
  5. Thanks for the answer! I will most likely wait it out, but how long do you think that will take?
  6. I found them somewhat close to my camp site, about a 45 second walk, but I did not think they would follow me that far.
  7. So I ran away from some Spider Queens before and then they showed up out of nowhere with 16+ spiders and 6+ Spider Warriors following them. Any advise on how to kill them?