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  1. i cant see movies

    You are not alone with this bug, and though removing the video files does solve it. It also takes away the bomber warning, which is rather annoying. Have a look at this thread and maybe post your system specs there like the others did: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?6140-Shank-2-on-Linux-Survival-Mode-graphics-bug
  2. i cant see movies

    That's rather strange then... Apparently there is nothing wrong with the files, in which case the game should be able to play them as well... Perhaps one of the devs can shed some light on this issue.
  3. i cant see movies

    Okay, on Linux they are .ogv files. bik files are often used for game intros, you can try playing them with the BINK video player http://www.radgametools.com/bnkdown.htm. I believe it is included in the rad video tools.
  4. i cant see movies

    If you go into the data/movies folder, can you play them manually from there? They are simple ogv files, perhaps something is wrong with the files or you somehow lack the ability to play ogv files.
  5. Shank 2 on Linux - Survival Mode graphics bug

    Same here on update 3 as well. This is what it now says in console relating to the cinematic being played. [18:37.15] (0x7fa0ae5527a0) [Choreographer] Playing cinematic "small_goon_bomber_intro.cinema" [18:37.15] (0x7fa0ae5527a0) Spawning med_goon_knife [18:37.15] (0x7fa0ae5527a0) [Choreographer] Warning: Cinematic "small_goon_bomber_intro.cinema" is already playing! [18:37.15] (0x7fa0ae5527a0) Could not play shank/SmallGoon/Laugh in pos (2817.000000,608.000000) result 83 [18:37.15] (0x7fa0ae5527a0) channels: 2 freq 44100 [18:37.18] (0x7fa0ae5527a0) FIXME: KGraphics::ReleaseTexture [18:37.18] (0x7fa0ae5527a0) FIXME: KGraphics::ReleaseTexture [18:37.18] (0x7fa0ae5527a0) FIXME: KGraphics::ReleaseTexture [18:37.18] (0x7fa0ae5527a0) [Choreographer] Cinematic "small_goon_bomber_intro.cinema" is finished. Debian Sid 3.2.0-2-amd64 Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz GeForce GTX 550 Ti NVIDIA driver version: 304.64
  6. Shank 2 Fedora 17, crash on launch

    That will most likely be ~/.klei/shank2/rendering.log (or perhaps inside of the log directory) since Fedora is not mac.
  7. Shank 2 Linux Not saving progress

    Yeah, the latest version does nothing to solve that problem (at least not for anybody that I heard of) this thread does have a workaround though: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?4476-Help!-Shank-2-PC-version-is-not-saving-the-levels seems like all it needs are some new folders to be created.
  8. Shank 2 on Linux - Survival Mode graphics bug

    I have had the issue with both versions actually and it happens on all the survival levels. I haven't been able to make a screenshot, since I don't know if Shank 2 has some keybinding to do it, but xbindkeys doesn't appear to work when shank2 is running and I have no clue how to take a screenshot at that exact moment without it.
  9. open-source drivers probably won't work due to the lacking openGL support. HD4850 should work fine with the legacy linux drivers from amd (http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/legacy/Pages/legacy-radeon_linux.aspx)
  10. Shank 2 on Linux - Survival Mode graphics bug

    Same here on debian 64bit. Rather annoying bug, as it makes survival extremely difficult :/
  11. Works like a charm here as well. Hard to imagine this issue hasn't shown up during testing. Thanks dolle