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  1. Someone needs to draw a picture... This is so hilarious. I NEED to see what the grue looks like (even if he's just a dark blob) sitting at school with a bunch of children just staring at him... I also need to see Maxwell as the tiger
  2. I've noticed bees do this as well. I set down a beemine once and had a pig run over it. bees still won, Cuz they can kite too.
  3. Wolfgang, ever heard of Chuck Norris?
  4. I thought the game would've been just at the perfect difficulty when winter update came. I was wrong. I liked the Sanity meter starting higher, but maybe 150 would be better. The damage AND armor nerf was just too much! Yes, the normal spiders and stuff were to easy to kill, but do I seriously need to whack a frog 3 times with a spear to kill it? The panflute was overpowered, but instead of forcing the player to use a limited resource (mandrakes) which would eventually force them to go on to another world, wouldn't it just be easier to just make it like, 20 reeds and 2 rope? I love this game, but now I find it much to hard.
  5. Pan flute used to be useful, not its too expensive and it still only has 5 uses. I could've understood making spiders a bit harder but reducing weapon damage is just too much.
  6. by map editor do you mean like, make more land and spawn pig houses and tentacles and stuff?
  7. Was the stream recorded? I want to see the beginning cuz I missed it... Also, if so, please tell me where
  8. killing smallbirds give the most naughtiness
  9. Tallbird beats koalephant? Huh. Once, I pushed one with full health in to a swamp tentacle along with whacking the koalephant once with a tentacle spike. The koalephant won.
  10. Okay thanks guys, and looking forward to the new modding system
  11. I have the Testingtools mod, the Abigail buff mod, and a Speech mod installed. When the next update comes, will my Don't Starve work as if the mods haven't been there, or will it not work at all until I get the new version of the mod? Please help, I really don't want to have to go through a ton of work trying to fix my Don't Starve
  12. hm... I seem to have found some bugs. 1) I can't find it in the game (Its in there, right? right?!?!?!)and 2) I can't vote moarz!
  13. What if Wx78 is a guy in a robot costume? Also,(unrelated) who else wants to see Wx78 do the "Robot"?
  14. Sanity needs to drop a little slower at night, and after looking at the wiki it seems like the "night light" has no use :CAlso, how does a robot become insane? Is Wx78 actually some guy in a robot costume? Or is he programmed to be able to become insane, which is would be really stupid. (self destruct button on the death star basically)
  15. First: ~day 6 Didn't know that tallbirds' speed had increases since I watched the Yogscast play it.Second: ~day 9 my volume was low... Hounds mauled me to death.Third: ~day 47ish I got tired of my world, and decided to attack a rather large beefalo herd to commit suicide.
  16. I know that was a long title, but if you can shorten it, great! On the new map generator, islands spawn REALLY close to each other. I thought, why can't I just build a wall on the edge, knock it on its side, and make a bridge? Why does a Tallbird chase me when I just get close to its nest, and follow me forever? I don't think a mother would chase some stranger for miles while leaving her egg unattended at the nest. Why would a pig house require pig skin? We don't have human flesh dangling on our walls do we? There's a ton more stuff I could think of, given the time. This stuff should thought about.
  17. I think you could lead them into a swamp against tentacles, or just wait 'till night and hope Abigail shows up
  18. "Pooooop!" when you put manure in the science machine (before Progress! update) and also, "Money is for tiny men!" Wolfgang, examining gold
  19. Palpetinus. Frowny face avatar is everywhere.infinite bacon. Top those words!
  20. Hey how about we leave the points in but make them higher, and keep the prototype thing so the first time you have to build the item/building it will cost more resources. I also think that every time you die, you should forget 2 or 3 of the items you researched from before, which can be decided randomly or the last things you researched. Also, if you are still reading this kevin, please see my suggestion on the pig king in the feedback section. Thank you!
  21. If you want to decrease your chances of fighting a treeguard, live in a savanna biome and use manure from beefalo for your fire (it lasts the same time as wood). This will save you having to chop down ALOT of trees.
  22. I'm relatively new to Don't Starve and so far I've died twice. The first time Iwas living a happy life in a savanna with some beefalo nearby. Then, one day, I tried to steal a tallbird's egg (after the tweak in its speed)...You know the rest. The second time I made two mistakes: 1, I did not wear my logsuit at night, and 2, I had my volume low. Hounds came out of nowhere and mauled me to death. First time I ever encountered hounds. FREAKED ME OUT. Now I'm going on strong on day 24 (or around that number), live in a savanna, survived one attack by hounds, and have killed any spider dens near me to prevent the Spider Queen from coming to kill me.P.S. I play as Willow