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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140592420not really a meme, but I was messing with the scripts a long time ago...
  2. I wonder what happens if someone tries to do Wx-78. Or Wickerbottom. Or Woody... Or even Wolfgang for that matter. I am intrigued in any chaos that ensues from here. EDIT: oh god, Maxwell...
  3. WOOOOO!!! Thanks so much for making this! I loved the original test tools, and it is a shame that it keeps breaking. Hopefully you can fix it once the updates stop.
  4. Can you draw a Wilson trying to cook the metal potato?Also, here is an interweb cookie:(oops, misjudged the size...)
  5. That's amazing! I wonder when the next time JoeW comes by if he will faint.
  6. That's...That's... AMAZING and... OUTSTANDINGLY AMAZING
  7. Sorry if you're busy, but could you draw (insane request, ik) JoeW with his double-stache riding a fire hound jumping over the moon with a police car with you in it chasing him?
  8. Did you read my request on page 78? :apthy:Edit: yay! 200th post!
  9. Can you draw a dapper Wx-78 that tried to have tea but shorted out?
  10. Hello! I have a request if you don't mind:Wilson (10th doctor) with a sonic screwdriver entering a Tardis (as is) with wendy or willow (your choice) as his companion. And I would like for you to draw my current avatar somewhere in there too :3
  11. ;_; I can't wait... sometimes, I wish I could contribute... don't mind this.
  12. I'll have you know that I am the most impatient person on the planet.
  13. I WILL PREVAIL!Are you messing with me, or are you actually saying that? Also, one day, would you mind making this a "tennis" thread? (where we take turns writing the story)
  14. Can I just put in a character description? I have no "drawing thing" to make a good picture. Wenger The Dark One. The shadows. Don't run from them! They're our friends! Stats: Health: 105 Sanity: 200 (starts at 100) Hunger: 150 PROS: At low sanity, when the insanity monsters manifest, they follow him around like friendly pigs (no effect on sanity) Grue only deals 20 damage due to being forced my Maxwell instead of his on will. CONS: (aka balance) Takes 30dmg/sec when Sanity is higher than or equal to 150 Sometimes randomly pauses while running due to him being insane/other reasons only HE knows. Slightly slower than average at picking things, cutting trees, etc.
  15. If you wrote an entire book about this and sold it on the interwebz. I would buy it.
  16. That Jackalope is too cute. I demand a plushy. NOW.
  17. [MENTION=8873]LaughingBanana[/MENTION] That looks great!and also, Avelarius I think you're the first one to use eye brows
  18. Hi JoeW. I know you're there. >.>