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  1. anyone think this is extremely related to the forbidden knowledge video?

    Here's a list thingy:

    forbidden knowledge:

    • Wilson mixes stuff at the beginning
    • Wilson hits the machine with a hammer
    • Wilson ties 2 rats together


    • Wilson mixes stuff in a mortar/pestle
    • Wilson hits something with a rock
    • Wilson ties 2 birds together

    ALTERNATE: he could be building wings/jetpack....? maybe something along the lines of daedalus/icarus?


    yay i helped

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  2. *snip*

    The Bearger shouldn't come as early, as most people start in Autumn, and also, it should probably be nerfed. I really do agree with things always being destroyed, and how that should be fixed. I mean, this world should've been self-sustainable originally, but a single bearger can destroy entire forests, pig towns, and make entire species extinct (ahem, Beefalo). I don't know, but I think it should only be able to destroy one building at a time (besides trees)

  3. Guys, I'm having the same problem with Bearger. I mean, a boss with 2000 health on day 15? That destroys structures and uses AoE attacks to kill a beefalo herd instantly? Are you kidding me?

    Well, I'm playing as Webber. Luckily I had a backup after he destroyed everything

    I currently have a mass of ponds with frogs nearish to my base, a tier 3 spider den, a tier one spider den near the ponds, about 6 beefalo, a football helmet, a spear, and a fire staff. please help  :wilson_resigned:

  4. Too much risk, not enough reward.


    depth worms


    bunnies when you are carrying meat

    insanity monsters on second level


    Slurtle/snurtle (not really)


    Constant problem between equipping sane clothes, light producing items, or weapons.



    Bunny stuff

    Slurtle/snurtle stuff


    More rocks that you can get on surface

    more gems


    Too much danger, not enough reward.

  5. I personally agree in a way, and also disagree in a way. I feel like there is too much of a learning curve between playing normal sandbox above ground, and the ruins level of caves/adventure mode.

    Heck, Sips got to day 120+ on his playthrough as Willow, then couldn't get through the first level of adventure mode. I think there should be a "middle", because currently there is just easy and hard.

  6. No one is interested in the shadow creature? That's disappointing.


    I think that would be Mr. Skits, who is completely harmless. My theory is that Mr. Skits is like a scout for them and alerts them to insanity or those who try to summon them.

    Maxwell probably dove too deep, and upon the finalle came the actual nightmare creatures, who took him to the throne.

    They are probably also attracted to magic in the real world, and of course creating a telelocator staff would be a shining beacon for that.