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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform SteamChromeVersion Number Dec19 Issue title Infinite grass/twigs/berries Steps to reproduce Plant these items close together. Set on fire. Save and quit when all if it is alight. Come back and everything is re-grown. Describe your issue Accidentally had Willow catch fire to a farm and I left because I needed to do something. I came back and everything was re grown.
  2. Well that settles it for me. I have the key, I want to try terrarria, soo now u decide
  3. I have A Steam key from Chrome.
  4. I used my Chrome version to get a steam key. I just don't know how to activate it.
  5. Well I failed, i could've traded, alas I gaveaway my key alredy. Although I bought one chrome ver and one steam ver. Does that mean my chrome has a code for steam too?
  6. My beefalo cannot escape They are stuck on an island!
  7. Yes just kill them fast or they'll awake. I deal with tier 3 nest simpily by burning them, I ususlly have 40+ silk by then anyways.
  8. Now introducing the comming stages of growth for Tallbirds! They will be a smallbird, then a teenbird, and finally a tallbird. Oh sound files, you have many secrets hidden.
  9. Has anyone seen one laying an egg, because I just walked into an area and a Tallbird was in the mist of laying an egg, I was like.....
  10. Well I tried the pan flute for the first time and a bird just tried to take off when I played it. I gracefully fell from the sky and flopped on the ground, lol.
  11. One, this may be in the wrong section of the fourms but use this link on chrome: filesystem: go to your steam icon on desktop and right-click-go to open file location find user data and go into the folder named: 87891239 or somthing one above the config folder contains another folder, presumably named: 219740 open and copy all files inside: latest, profile, restart then use the link and copy the characters in all files and put them into corrosponding the files you copied (use open action-select notepad on copied files to erase and transfer data when you've copied all data put the new files into a folder open steam version and use import feature select the file you put the data in and select ok Enjoy- sry if this is too confusing EDIT: link credit: Excess---- thx dude, u r great
  12. Yes, it works with other things to. The greedy pig ate all my meat D: Plus I think this should be labled as an exploit
  13. Was there meat on the ground? Their AI tells them to take a straight path to nearest dropped meat. So they get stuck and disregard you.
  14. Are you sure that it didn't burn? Or was it near the ocean?