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  1. I believe I figured out why my exosuits kept disappearing. I use the clear floor tool a lot because I sandbox a bunch of stuff and don't want duplicants to keep storing useless materials. However, I've discovered that using the sweep tool (sandbox mode) will delete exosuits worn by duplicants. They will still believe that they are wearing a suit and will ignore all docks. Unsure if it works with the debug tool clear floor or other worn items.
  2. I have updated the post with a new picture that shows a duplicant path-finding into a room that has an exosuit dock, but doesn't have one available.
  3. Sometimes, duplicants will fall asleep at night without returning to bed. The path to the bed is not obstructed and they do not have the narcolepsy trait.
  4. There isn't anything visibly hot near the suits. even my sleet wheat suit disappeared so that doesn't make any sense. Save file attached.
  5. I'm fairly certain that this occurs in the live branch as well but I've noticed that my atmosuit count steadily decreases as the suits keep disappearing from my dock. I also noticed that duplicants are somehow managing to get past the dock without needing to equip a suit. I've haven't found a way to replicate it yet as I haven't seen it live, but I have found dupes in places they shouldn't be without a suit. My best guess would be that the suit just teleports somewhere random because I've found naphtha in completely sealed rooms for no apparent reason. *Save file attached. Be warned that this is an older file that I have edited with duplicity. That shouldn't matter though because I have seen other worlds with the same issue. Core.sav Below shows a duplicant path found itself into a room that has an exosuit dock blocking the way. There is no suit there, and so the duplicant should not be able to even try to go there.
  6. If I gave them the tag meat, that would cause bunny men to attack. I could make exceptions for her, but that might take awhile.
  7. What.... It's easy enough--- but it takes awhile to arrange the files in an easy manner.
  8. The main file is huge. I only ,net for this to have some of the files.... But I'll upload the rest
  9. Version 1.0


    This is made because I have no idea how to post files- includes files from the beta version, "Long Live the Queen." NOTE THIS CURRENTLY ONLY CONTAINS CERTAIN FILES ND NOT THE WHOLE VERSION, that'll come later Which version do you guys want? Queen or krampus? Vote in the comments!
  10. Updated to latest find it here
  11. Have a nice time Milson-miss u ^^ ADAPTED version for Maxwell
  12. Version 4.1


    From Milson- The Original Author Potions Mod Adapted! -------------------------------- Create potions to enhance your Don't Starve experience. Currently has 15 potions, each with unique effects! --------------------------------- Bugs Credits
  13. It's been awhile, finally back into DS. I deliberately waited till the 6 month update period ended to update this. I'll start working on this full force again this fall break (tommorrow) all credit will be given when I complete it.
  14. Version 1.3


    Well I hadn't realized that I had to re-upload, oh well. Anyways I'm back after a VERY long break from DS and I can't guarantee that I will stay, but I EVENTUALLY will update it. -Good news! Sanity Potions are coming back! HUZZA This mod is an adapted version of Milson's original one. Due to him being out I have decided to take over for now. This mod adds potions and potions galore, with its own potion's tab, the fun is ENDLESS. Hands-free light, strength, instant health, and more! -work on a better description T_T Planned Maybe new potions Finish Sanity Potions Get the Kinks Out (bugs) -------------------------------- Bugs TOO MANY/LAZY- Kind of broken when I took a look at it, it works but has some graphical glitches and what-not, it will be fixed soon. c:
  15. 1050 downloads

    NOTES Version 1.1 is here with quite a few bug fixes! Changelog --------------------------------------------------------- Ever hate getting stunned my mass mobs? Miss the old armor function? Just want something to kick-ass in? Well look no further! This mod adds new tools and armors that are IMMENSLY OP but VERY expensive FEATURES -New "Hallowed Armor" - full damage block -New "Hallowed Helmet" - full damage block -New "Excalibur" - ranged sword that is TOTALLY op --------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALATION -Unzip "GodlyTools" from "AngelicTools V1.1(StrangeNewPowers).zip" -Take "Godly Tools" and drop it into the "mods" folder located at Games/steamapps/common/don't_starve/mods -Enable it in-game -Enjoy! --------------------------------------------------------------- BUGS ----------------------------------------------------------------- TODO ------------------------------------------------------------------ PLANNED ----------------------------------------------------------------- Credits
  16. 483 downloads

    --Sorry about any delays, haven't been playing DS lately Since Milson has no time to update this mod, I'll take over it for now. Spanish translation by Jaimedpb! -Sadly I will not continue to update the Spanish version. Changelog Old Versions Installation Unzip download Take the "Potions" folder drag & drop into "mods' folder inside don't_starve. Bugs
  17. 1365, seriously considering to suicide, but the new update beat me to it.
  18. I believe it's when you near a boss that it plays the music. It doesn't matter if their neutral or not.Then again, that is a lot of stuff.
  19. I used to have the link, but that post is long gone D:
  20. Kevin: There are three more working days left for the Winter update. Here are some frosty things that we've been working on: Periodic snow + ground accumulation. Warmth mechanic (like dapperness, but you can freeze to death). Scottish Walrus Nobleman Father and Son Hunting Party. Deerclops. Ice Hounds. Stuff that might have to wait for the next update: Pengull swarms. Angry, craftable snowmen who throw snowballs. Fun times! Pretty sure it's deerclops.
  21. Day 11, just fought spider and thought monster meat was ok. Cooked it and said mmmmmmmm, dinner! Died.... D: