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  1. Kevin:

    There are three more working days left for the Winter update. Here are some frosty things that we've been working on:

    Periodic snow + ground accumulation.

    Warmth mechanic (like dapperness, but you can freeze to death).

    Scottish Walrus Nobleman Father and Son Hunting Party.


    Ice Hounds.

    Stuff that might have to wait for the next update:

    Pengull swarms.

    Angry, craftable snowmen who throw snowballs.

    Fun times!

    Pretty sure it's deerclops.

  2. Hmmm... Maybe when you kill the Pig King Werewolf he gives you tons of gold. His gold has to come from somewhere, and he tends to never run out of gold too. But also if you listen to the audio the Pig King kills him in one hit. I don't think it's going to be that easy to kill him. In fact if he killed the character in one hit the pig king werewolf will be the most powerful boss that gives the most damage?

    He might of had low health.

  3. There's a link for the 3 files that save you profile, world, ect. I'll get the link later, it's a kinda old thread.

    EDIT: The link, make sure you use this on the chrome browser, or it won't work. The files can be imported to steam, but cannot be used to backup your chrome world. Link-filesystem: