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  1. Teaser

    Nooooo in the NEXT update after this one. They usually hide clues.
  2. Teaser

    If there is anything to squeeze I say squeeze it out! I say lets find any hints what's in the next update, type Don't Starve:Long Live The Queen and begin analyzing. I suck at finding things like flashes though D:
  3. Advice for making this game better.

    Rember the game is still in beta, you never know what they're gonna hit us with next.
  4. [Graphics] Invisible Butter Muffins

    No need for this post, I alredy made one and a developer is taking a look a it
  5. Well I've seen that even in the new world gen spider nests can spawn queens, even if they were just destroyed.
  6. Yes it seems that queen spawning may be a but bugged D: Annnnnyyywayy.... Merry Christmas
  7. I made a bug post, man did I hate this.... I killed it, but then got mugged by countless tentacles D:
  8. [Gameplay] disappearing items

    Do these items happen to be next to the sea? As the sea swallows anything that gets to close.
  9. [Gameplay] Spider Queen Spawn

    Anyone care to help? Or is times just needed
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number Dec19 Issue title Spider Queen Spawn Steps to reproduce Go to a nest that just changed from 3 to 1. Describe your issue :(A 3rd tier spider nest has just changed to a 1 tier yet a spider queen still emerged and well..... Swamps and queens is deadly D:
  11. Happened to me too, when the hound update was live. A lot of manure and an amulet in a spot that I'd never been in before.
  12. [Gameplay] Island with many small biomes

    I believe this is intended...
  13. [Gameplay] Mandrake drop bug.

    Hmm indeed I picked a mandrake at dusk with space and it died. When I dropped it it looked like it was planted and I couldn't get it... Then it burst into flames D:
  14. [Gameplay] World Not Saving

    Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number Dec19 Issue title World Not Saving Steps to reproduce None Describe your issue Ever since the new update my chrome refuses to save. I've re-downloaded chrome and everything but the save and quit just doesn't work. Once I've hit the save button and go to the main menu I hit play but it gives me a new world creation thing D:
  15. New Map

    Anyone know how to change the map generation to the new beta one? Using chrome, thx
  16. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number Dec19 Issue title Butter Muffin Render Steps to reproduce Make a butter muffin in a crock pot. Describe your issue Once the muffin is finished there is an invisible muffin