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  1. [Gameplay] Strange Buffalou spawn Bug

    No there are suppost to be many beefaloes. The savana is their home.
  2. Chest align

    Lol. Well they could try to make it so that they don't move
  3. Co-op Please

    Indeed, I never want to see all the posts made that relate to this subject....
  4. Chest align

    It feels like a lot of people's posts get replied to in seconds. On the other hand mine takes at least a day
  5. Co-op Please

    Sir have you not read the sticky/pinned post at the the top? The devs specifically said they don't plan to add multiplayer and are against it to.Edit: Danget, ya be me to it.
  6. Well, how about charcoal torches? Or you can have the ability to slap some fuel on the torch whist it's on fire lol.
  7. Far too easy

    Sounds a bit harsh.. Especially if you are new and have not found a camp yet. Hounds every night/day Ohhhh the horror, they WILL get annoying if they come that much.... With hordes or 70+ over day 100. Also, rember the devs are working to make this game harder.
  8. Apples-love New fruit :DFish-love Always wanted a pond near my home without being in a swampArmor-nope Either none or stone armor with a speed decreaseBeefalo pen-I guess? I always set camp near or in beefalo territoryJungle-nope You see a savana/stone area and suddenly a jungle? Or small patches.... Would just look wacky but what everPanning-not even
  9. Chest align

    Powered by the need of my OCD I think that chests should align automatically when placed. Or, at least they shouldn't move when you reload. I place a great line of chests, reload, and they are all out of line
  10. Farm Plot Nerf Idea

    Indeed, I don't even rely on farms too much.
  11. I do hope this happens Soon, as there are two beefaloes left on my map D:
  12. The Demon

    I say this should be in the suggestions part but wtf idc.
  13. Uhhh WTF?????

    You are not alone, the remnants or corps of another in the night..... Spooky....
  14. Chrome

    Wtf..... Lol
  15. Chrome

    Thx though
  16. Teaser

    Or are they wings...... Idk
  17. Insane OCD is driving me crazy!!

    I think if you place a chest it moves upward a bit if you sleep or save exit and come back. Drives me insane. I hate being wasteful but it is so annoying.
  18. Don't be a baby you need to learn, I'm on day 73 and I have an epic base going. Try pickin up some tips on the forums or the wiki.
  19. [Gameplay] Can't Make Turkey Dinner

    Wtf, I replied it says 0 replies.... Wierd
  20. Also as said, ths is a test map.
  21. [Gameplay] Can't Make Turkey Dinner

    I found you can only use uncooked meat to make a turkey dinner. Had this happen t me too D:
  22. [Gameplay] Traitorous Swine

    You can use controll to attack friends, also just wait until they transform, then let your allies take me out.
  23. Beefalo Hunting

    Yes, you can use tooth traps and push them onto it. If there's a swamp nearby then lure a pack of them to a tentacle or two. If ur really desperate, find one or push one away from the others and whack him repeatedly with a spear and log suit. You can also try the hit and run tatic on a lone one to avoid injury.
  24. Teaser

    Hmmmmm could this deerclopse look like a tall bird ferocious at u?
  25. Teaser

    I feel stupid now.... Plus i didn't even know that post still existed O-o