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  1. Spoiled Rotten (Jan 15 Update)

    Honey lasts longer than seeds, nonsense!
  2. Ok, I suggest that the incentive of explore and forget about of death is essential. You need death in DS or the game is pointless. Plus, for beginner, I'm what's it was like, not knowing anything, just hanging on. I say explore and learn from previous mistakes, and do it all in the name of science!
  3. Icebox time.... Birdie.... Time to hatch! Ohhhh and also more red lines!
  4. Mrgmview is the best :P

    Indeed alredy subed.
  5. Klei's new enemy mob

    He might of had low health.
  6. Klei's new enemy mob

    How do you listen to the file?
  7. Don't Starve Update Trailer: Turf!

    Indeed, good going cejoga Plus this link:
  8. Turf Update Secret?

    How about a reskined Krampus? Ohhh the possibilities!
  9. Turf Update Secret?

    I think it is a deerclops, because there is a deerclops sound file in game. This dosn't look like a king, right?
  10. any use for turf?

    Indeed, dig turf if you have no fuel for the fire. 100 posts...I like
  11. They will re spawn, as long as there is a nest. I've had one Tallbird on my map and none others. I've killed it and it always re spawned the next day or so. You have seven, wouldn't hurt to kill one or two.
  12. Don't Starve Update Trailer: Turf!

    Hmm it seems that there a red lines thought out the video.... Times to look closer.
  13. Don't Starve Update Trailer: Turf!

    Shal wee squeeze any secrets hidden?
  14. It feels like spider queen spawning is a bit bugged. My tier one nests (which have gone through a full cycle) all turned into queens. I'm like, I'm goin while the goin's good.
  15. There's a link for the 3 files that save you profile, world, ect. I'll get the link later, it's a kinda old thread. EDIT: The link, make sure you use this on the chrome browser, or it won't work. The files can be imported to steam, but cannot be used to backup your chrome world. Link-filesystem:
  16. [Gameplay] Picking Mandrakes

    Gooooooiiiinnnggg up.
  17. Not having to restart

    If I die in one of my golden worlds to something stupid, I say nope, Megusta......reload backup world..... I'm back to murder you spiders!!!
  18. Starving should be an issue

    Agree.... I've murdered countless beefaloes and now I have a crap ton of food chests. I ain't starving today Maxwell!
  19. Houses and Generators?

    Then I say a tent is a better solution, you can take it down. Tens just change characters? What? Wilson even says, "I can rest in there when I'm hurt."
  20. Share ur home base! NEWER one

    Base # 2I like it because it has a clean look to me. The chests... they are ultimately aligned However, there are less then 6 beefalo left D:Cant forget my pigs
  21. Share ur home base! NEWER one

    My first base. Not much, but i'll post my other one later. Sigh..... upload limit.
  22. Share ur home base! NEWER one

    The symmetry..... It is beautful!
  23. The famed red dot bug. I forgot where it is but there's a way to fix it. I believe it has to do with tweaking you graphic settings.
  24. [Gameplay] Picking Mandrakes

    Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamChromeVersion Number Dec19 Issue title Picking Mandrakes Steps to reproduce Pick a mandrake with space bar at anytime. Describe your issue At dusk if you use spacebar on a mandrake it gives a dead mandrake instead of picking it and having it follow you. When you drop the mandrake it is in a planted form floating on something and you can no longer get it. I had to burn them to remove them D: