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  1. You can't make a comment like that and then turn around and say that it's not a insult. It would be like if I said you were a inbred black facing idiot but it's ok because that's just what you are. Not that I'm saying you are such, just that your comment is back handed and your attempt to cover it up with your words is laughable.To answer your question though, I got the game close to when it was first released for the public to buy and I had a blast playing the game then. Btw it's 'rogue' not rouge like how you've been spelling it... rouge is red female cosmetics. The point is when we got the game it was actually fun and I played it a lot, same with my friends. Every updated that happened though just made all of us less interested in the game till the point I just can't find the point to log in. I'm not the only one either because if you look around you will see there are plenty of other people that feel the same, even more so with this latest patch, it's just that the hard core audience can't image the game being too easy / accessible to the every day gamer. I even said that someone like you would come up to defend the game without looking at it through our perspective. If the game is meant to be a rogue like game then they should just flat out say as much on the website so there is no misunderstanding. As it is now you only know that if you lurk on the forums and catch a dev post talking about it while anyone else that looks at the site wouldn't know as much and would get a game that they might not be interested in. There is nothing wrong with the game being rogue like if that's what it wants to be, but it should at least flat out say as much and no 'Uncompromising' isn't the same thing.
  2. You're making this game too annoying and too hard to have fun with. I'm sure all the "seasoned" players will roll their eyes and come out of the wood works to explain how easy the game is but all my friends and myself are no longer having fun with the game. I bought the game for myself and my wife and we used the codes to bring in a couple friends of ours, now a days no one plays the game because they don't find it fun anymore. Every patch that goes by more and more of my friends stop playing because all they see is the game being catered to the hard core and the masochist that want to suffer and die and revel in it.If you're trying to make a 'rogue like' game where you fail over and over again I don't see my friends or myself staying with the game cause it's not fun anymore. I highly recommend that you stop pandering to the 'seasoned' beta testers and start dealing with new people cause they're the ones that you should be concerned about. The people here have already bought the game and know everything there is to know about the game so of course they're all going to think everything is too easy for them when they'll just find some dark corner of the map to hide in and only come out when they feel safe (like a groundhog). You need some fresh eyes from newer people to give you a idea of how the game is like to everyone else because all I see is unjustified nerfs to the game to appease the small but vocal hard core crowd.
  3. You said that you changed health and hunger values for all the characters but I only noticed the hunger getting changed as all characters still have the same 100 health except for the strong man. My question to you is thus, do you plan to have his character be blatantly over powered compared to everyone else? I understand that not every character will be the same but when it comes to balance, there is a huge balance disparity between the characters. Wilson can potentially live forever with his meat effigies which is nice and dandy if you don't mind waiting for his beard to grow. The firestarter has a weak fire effect that is only handy if you can't be bothered to make a camp fire and can potentially cause more harm then good if you're not careful. Wendy can, every now and then, summon a ghost that hurts her more then anything else and also gets in your way. I would go as far as to say that the ghost is a disadvantage because it summons on top of you so you take damage if you're not moving and blocks your path because it stays too close to you. Then you have the strongman which is just blatantly OP compared to all the other characters because while every character has one small change, the strongman has 3 major changes. Double melee power, double health, double hunger (now 50% hunger). Why would you play as anyone else when you can play a character that is straight out better then EVERYONE in every possible way. You should consider giving him a disadvantage if you plan to keep all the buffs on him, such as needing to eat more because fact is people with a lot of muscles need to eat more to keep up with their muscle mass. It just seems like you're trying to make the game balanced around his character by making everything harder when you should be thinking about making everything balanced. I would instead suggest that you just make him hit harder and that's it. Why should he be given three major buffs when everyone else has one minor flavor buff? What makes him so special that he's better than everyone else? I know that you can use the tent to change characters but to me that's just silly and for people wanting to manage making something that breaks the game. IE starting as wilson and making 3+ meat effigies then switching to the strongman and steam rolling everything and living forever. If you want to keep the challenge for your game without sacrificing your new players I would strongly consider character balance before anything else.