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  1. I agree with Shin here too. I don't want to kill the game for all you hard corers. I just want to be able to enjoy it too at the kiddie land playland until I get as good as you guys.
  2. Well, that's what I mean, you're saying exactly what I'm saying. BEFORE it used to be free roam, difficult but not horrid. Now I can't even hope to explore because chances are, winter will kill me. My weapons will do less damage, I starve faster, and well it's gone insane.
  3. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Shin here. Give us noobs a chance to learn easier. Then move on to "rogue" as I'm understanding from Foxbrook and Moonkiss' conversation... I think that was their names... Anyway my understanding, rogue means super hard.
  4. To Mr Q:The dude playing is pretty much staying in his immediate area... Yeah, I have farmville for that type of game. You just proved my point. Thanks!
  5. Anyway, I said exploring as in the whole map not just your immediate area...You CAN move. There are other places on the map you know... cross bridges, stuff like that? Go away from your camp and re do another camp somewhere else...
  6. Well, Q... if you DON'T move, as you stated, of COURSE it will be boring after day 20 hell the (* o!!
  7. It STARTED out that way... I do get the nature of the game... What I'm saying is that NOW it's to the point where it IS "who dies the fastest."- - - Updated - - - No fast forward button, bummer... but so far, I have NOT seen you move from your spot...
  8. Not to get into the panties of you and Foxbrook but I wanted to note that to me, that description doesn't say "You will die in three seconds." It says it's a survival game, kind of like the game "survival" that was out a long time ago. You gather supplies, stay away from enemies, kill some for fur or whatever. Uncompromising just means you will see stuff everywhere and it re-spawns... maybe I thought it was kind of like the "Lost in Blue" series. I loved those games too!So no, this game ended up being like Pac Man only you get no super dots... And while some people, myself included, did really well at Pac Man, I wasn't looking for this kind of game either. If you read my post, you can see I'm not used to this genre nor a game where your strategy is to see the fastest way to die. That's why this game keeps getting worse and worse for me. It's getting to the point where it's not worth it. I can go to WoW not fight back and die there if I wanted to do that... it's be more fun too because at least there's funky animations at times... I was expecting a a game where you actually had a shot to survive. But back to your post, by THAT description you posted... this game is misleading and deceptive. They should put in the description "DS is a game where you will be tested by nature to survive and you WILL die. The question is, how long?" That'd be a better description for the game BEFORE you buy it. Otherwise it's a bait and switch.
  9. I did die a bunch of times too, I'm not complaining that I die. I'm saying it's too EASY to die. And I hate getting punished for exploring! If by strategy you mean hole up somewhere and hoard food and supplies, sure, I can do that... it's called FARMVILLE on facebook. No need to go to this game for that kind of game. This game was supposed to be different than farmville or the type of games where you do nothing but sit in one spot. Hell, even the sims can be seen as 'that type of game' and I love the sims, that's why I bought THOSE games. I wanted an adventure game that isn't about who can die the fastest, that, to me is stupid.
  10. I used to play this game and I kind of liked it... I was having a hard time with it as a noob to this type of game but it was OK. Each new 'update' leaves me further and further in the dust to the point where I can NO LONGER play this game. It's gotten to the point where it's completely unplayable.I realise the hard core gamers and ppl used to this genre LOVE this game and so you, the developers, keep making it harder and harder for THEM. Although honestly, what's the point? They're mostly using strongman anyway so of COURSE it's easier... Not to mention they hole up in their camps and hoard food and of COURSE it's boring and "too easy" for them.I can't even get to the girl after the fire girl so I have no hope of ever getting strongman and I like to explore... seems to be a HUGE mistake on this game to explore. God forbid you want to actually SEE the world you play in. No no, you developers have made SURE people like me get punished for wanting to "see the world."It's possible you guys want this game for hardcore members or hoarders or ppl who just want to sit in one place.But I guarantee your market will be TINY compared to what you COULD have if you let us noobs join in to this game. I found it entertaining albeit difficult. I love the retro graphics and animations though usually I hate that sort of thing. This game was something special but now you ruined it for me. I have NO HOPE of ever playing this game. Once I die in my current game, which my guess will be about three seconds after I log in again, I won't play again. Not while these updates are making it impossible for me and others like myself. Noobs with an interest.PLEASE, I beg you again, do not forget us!!
  11. JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW: My worlds do not have a graveyard so before you all think I'm stupid for not digging up graves, that's not the case. I don't really have many graves. Maybe I just got a sucky world, who knows... but my point is...if there's me who got this kind of world, chances are, another noob will too. For those of you who were actually HELPFUL... Thank you so much! I'll try the berries trick and all that. I very much appreciate your help!! (some I already knew but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate you guys trying to help)
  12. Nothing of what you said was useful nor intelligent. I have worked up to 25 days but my world is islands and bridges. It's a neat little world but it takes a while to get to resources. I don't like the bunny screams, that's my prerogative. I find it disturbing. If they just squeaked, probably wouldn't be an issue. But tbh, who cares if you don't agree? I sure don't. I have explored the islands so clearly I'm not "holed up" in a base camp farming. I barely have any farms. As for Wolfgang, why SHOULD he be OP at the fourth character. If he's meant as a "reward" as the other post-er suggested, then he should be LAST on the character list. Creative is staying away from mobs, that I've survived at one point til that long is being creative. I play as the second girl,the fire one... Willow? I dont know, whatever her name is. All I know is she's got creepy eyes, lol. My point is that you cannot make this game incredibly hard so that gamers like you are happy. How are they supposed to attract new "blood" if the game is meant for old timers like yourself? And by this I mean, people used to this kind of genre of gaming.
  13. I don't fight the nests, they come chewing at ME. I tend to leave mobs alone or try to but yeah, they come chewing. The space bar thing doesn't work for attacking for some reason. I'm told it's supposed to but it doesn't. It does help for picking up items but if I have a shovel it messes things up too, lol. Lesson learned, don't equip anything but a spear when gathering.
  14. Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I'm new to this kind of game and it was kinda cool at first but now it's getting to be a bit of a chore and a pain. I'm not adept at killing spiders, so now that you made even MORE spiders, I'm getting overwhelmed. The one eyed bird things are aggro enough, I hope you guys don't make it "more challenging." I hate that you accidentally click on the wrong item (ie. trying to pick up a poo and instead you hit the beefalo) they all come kill you and most monsters are faster than you so basically you die. Not cool. I loved the seeds the way they were because I relied on them for food since the bunny screaming is disturbing. Now I have to do the bunnies. Why do the bunnies scream after getting them from a trap? I already feel crappy for trapping them and then I have to hear them screaming when I kill them? They look dead when you get them out of the trap so why scream? It's really disturbing. Farming was OK but now you guys made it worse, so now I can't even rely on that for food. My world is a bunch of little islands and I LIKE the world but it's a pain to have to wait days before I can go gather other stuff on the other islands. Maybe we can learn how to build boats? That'd be nice. Hell, if we can make a science machine, why not a boat?! That's simpler, tbh. As a noob it's hard to research stuff, I'm too busy collecting and dodging to actually get research done. Not to mention the stupid gobbler who keeps spawning on my berry bushes. Now you guys made it so I can't even catch it at the edge, what the heck happened there? You guys want us noobs to starve because now we can't even pick berries because the stupid turkey ate them all and now we can't even kill it? We have no range weapons as noobs. Since researching is such a pain, I have barely any hope of getting those too. Please make it easier to kill that dang thing or make the range weapons faster to get... like make them regular weapons not research ones... Shoot, wouldn't it be nice if you could throw the dang spear you made? Maybe make one like the traps, a throw-able knife or spear made from flint and twigs. I don't know but thanksgiving would be coming around about every day or so in my world, that's for sure... Yeah, he spawns THAT much and always eats all my berries. I guess all I'm saying is please don't forget you have noobs to the game. Don't keep pushing us off. I really do like the game concept. I don't mind dying like a hundred times and still not getting to Wendy but I do mind that ithe game is getting harder. My friend did get to Wendy but finds Abigail annoying in that she spawns right on top of you causing health damage. He also says it's annoying that she's always so dang close to your character. Could she be spaced more, please? Currently she's like an inch away and constantly "kisses" your character, causing damage. Is it possible to make it so she can't damage your character? He also thinks Wolfgang is overpowered. He's twice as good at everything. I have no hope to getting to that guy but it sounds to me like that'd be the guy I should be playing as a noob. On the other hand, is that what you guys meant? That people should be playing Wolfgang to be safe? Doesn't that mean that then you'd have to keep "increasing" the challenge level and then people like me are screwed? That's not so cool. Especially since someone like me has no chance in hell of getting to that character. Maybe you should have made him the first character for us noobs and then for the people who need the challenge, they can play everyone else. Or wouldn't it be better if he wasn't so overpowered but rather at similar levels as the other characters? Maybe his special ability could be like swinging boomerangs or something... Or that he can mine/cut/dig twice as fast, meaning his tools break down less than everyone else. He can still have the same as everyone 100 health and 100 hunger but be special for people who want to do the gathering of materials easier. I know you can change characters at a tent but lord knows where you get one of those... I barely got my chemistry station up before I died from a stupid long legged bird because I PASSED (not collected) an egg. What's up with that? You PASS the egg, not collect it... why do they want to kill you?! Killing beasts is my complete downfall here. I suck at it. I finally learned to take the hounds to aggro some other mob so they kill it for me but I'm sure you guys will "fix" that... I'm telling you, it's getting worse for us noobs... Please make it fun again.