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  1. This article might interest you.

    very interesting. thanks!

    I can't imagine what changes Klei would want to add to this game, especially after reading that.

    The chore list must have been a terrible experience, and I see how completing it would kill motivation to play.

    I'm not sure how to improve Don't Starve after the read.

  2. I love the idea!

    Moderators, instead of scripting cave walls and a ceiling, FORGET THE CEILING!

    Make the dungeon island/bridge oriented, and plateaued, replacing the ocean with an underlying plain dirt floor, a seemingly deadly fall, and otherwise inaccessible.

    Introduce mole monsters and a mole king.

    Scatter rocks to be mined.

    "Dungeon raiding" would make good use of the miners hat.

  3. True, farming and fishing make surviving easy, especially since the game mode is free play.

    I think the game should be goal oriented. For example, the objective could be DESTROY ALL SPIDERS, after which the reward is a more difficult world. With the introduction of a high score forum, players will be inclined to play to the highest tier/world/level fathomable.

    Unlocking a new world would result in replenished "finite" resources, further increasing the desire to conquer spiders, subject yourself to the various dangers of the game, explore, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, push players away from the farming mindset!

  4. Dear administrators,

    The game is thoroughly enjoyable so far. Gotten to day 20-30 several times, and for various reasons haven't gotten farther.

    I read that once a world is exhausted, a "new world" portal would open (in an upcoming update?)

    Here are a few of my ideas for improvements, based on my knowledge of the game so far.

    Being a survival game, difficulty should increase at particular increments.

    IMO, a "new world" portal should open when all of the wild beast/spider nests have been conquered. Each succeeding world could be a new tier, adding a static health% and damage% bonus to beasts, pigs, and other members of the community.

    The farmers life is a good life, but "DAY 200 TIER 1" is far less impressive than "DAY 50 TIER 3," you follow?

    A "high score" forum would introduce a competitive aspect.

    Next, I would like to be able to fish in the ocean! Perhaps the rods' abilities could be extended for ocean use? Perhaps a lobster/shrimp cage could be introduced?

    How about a Golden Spear? Unlock able upon graduating from world 1 to world 2?

    Thanks for your time,


  5. Bug Submission

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    • Chrome

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    Issue title

    I've been downgraded to demo only?!

    Steps to reproduce

    Buy a Product Key

    Play for weeks

    Return after Christmas

    Describe your issue

    Alright, I'm really frustrated!

    I've been playing for a few weeks now.

    Today I attempted to continue playing. I was surprised when I was prompted to "log in." Normally I don't have to.

    My log in credentials were accepted, but my option to continue is missing!

    In fact, not only am I unable to continue, but my ONLY OPTION is to PLAY DEMO

    AND my product key is invalid as I have already redeemed it.

    What happened guys?!

  6. Bug Submission

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    • Chrome

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    Backpack gets stuck

    Steps to reproduce

    Build Stone Fireplace

    Drop Backpack close / behind

    Light the fire with 3+ logs

    Describe your issue

    I equipped my new wooden armor and my backpack dropped behind the stone fireplace. I was unable to pick it up until the flames extinguished, because "examine fireplace" was dominating the option.