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  1. Preface: Hey all, I was talking to my friends about the lack of a old school Splinter Cell Mercs vs Spies game these days, anyone who played them knows what I'm talking about; the Spies tried to take objectives, while the Mercs tried to kill the Spies. Then I played Mark of the Ninja, and I'm not going to lie, this game would make for a perfect 2D version of that games multiplayer. This is going to be a long post, but I hope you bear with me through out the entire post. Legal: I hereby waive all legal rights to this idea, and grant Klei Interactive the ability to take this and make it there own. Basic Idea: Simply put; three Ninja players infiltrate an area that five Merc players are defending. The game starts out heavily in favor of the Mercenary players, as the map is well lit, there are laser/motion/sensor traps everywhere, but as the Ninjas take objectives, the map starts becoming more ninja friendly, as the traps and lights turn off. The maps would have to be about as big as the level where you destroy the vents to light the building on fire (Name escapes me, I'm sorry), to allow freedom of movement for the Ninjas and force the Mercs to spread out. The Objectives: Now, the idea behind this game mode is not just to kill each other, but instead to complete objectives, like say Assassinate Kelly, destroy the power generator, or even to start a fire. Each map would have it's primary objective that must be completed for the Ninjas to win, and then two to three secondary objectives, serving as "checkpoints" for the Ninjas, refreshing their kits and allowing them to respawn. Objective ideas: Primary: Assassinate Kelly Destroy the air filter and then smash the vents scattered around the stage Gather three items and bring them to Dosan Secondary: Destroy generator powering traps Destroy generator powering lights Get ahold of key cards from several NPCs Rescue other ninjas Ninja Paths: Or classes, rather. Each Path has a certain number of items and upgrades from the single player, having specific weaknesses and strengths. All Ninjas can perform all the skills of the main character in the SP that are not upgraded. This includes Prowling Spider, Leap of Faith, Silent Assassin, Peasants Death, and also includes Voracious Serpant. Note that you can still aim up to three projectiles normally, but this does not stop time in multiplayer. Path of the Ninja: Equipment: Sword, Caltraps x1, Darts x3 (Stun for 1 second upon hit), A Bloody Whisper Path of the Vagabond: Equipment: Sword, Box Note: Uses Path of the Mark's sprite Path of Silence: Equipment: Sword, Smoke Bomb x2 (Mercs in the smoke may not move or shoot), Softened Tabi Path of the Hunter: Equipment: Farsight, Noisemaker (Infinite amount), Spike Trap (Infinite amount, can only have two on the map at any time) Note: No sword, no stealth kills Path of the Nightmare: Equipment: Sword, Hisomu Dart x2 (causes sound circles to appear EVERYWHERE on affected guards' screen for five seconds), Hangman's Hymn Path of Might: Equipment: Sword, A Brief Shadow, Emperor's Abyss, Bat's Prey, Twilight Gate Mercenaries: Guards only see what is in front of them, as like New Game Plus. In addition, they may only see what is in the light, everything else is blurry, with the exception of the Night Guard, who see only what is dark in front of them, the light is blurred. When killed, Mercenary players may wait however long they want, with each second waited taking a second away from every classes' respawn timer; they may wait five seconds to respawn as a normal guard, or may wait twenty seconds to respawn as an elite guard that can only be killed while stunned! Merc Controls: A: Roll in a direction B: Use Object/Reveal Ninja X: Shoot gun Y: Use item RB: Enter Aim Mode Merc Classes: Merc: Equipment: Machine Gun, Flashlight Respawn time: 5 Seconds Riot Merc: Equipment: Sheild, Pistol, Flair (15 second cooldown) Respawn time: 10 seconds Watchman: Sniper Rifle, Distraction Flairs (8 second cooldown) Respawn time: 12 seconds Night Guard: Equipment: Machine Gun, Night Vision Goggles Respawn time: 15 seconds Elite Merc: Equipment: Shotgun, Flashlight, can't be killed unless stunned Respawn time: 20 seconds. Summery: There are five guards against three ninjas, the ninjas have to infiltrate the level and destroy the objectives before they all die. The guards have to kill all the ninjas.